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First blog thing?!

Posted July 24th, 2016 at 10:33 AM by TequitoClown

So hai all. I guess I'm still pretty new to PC. I'm sure I'll get to posting a lot more and chatting in Discord very soon! I've already made friends, so I look forward to meeting more of ya'll <3

I just got into Pokemon a short while ago. I'm kinda late to the party, but hey. The reason I checked it out is because I got the Wave Slasher theme deck from the TCG just to... have it I guess. I learned how to play the game and then I started playing my copy of X. Just kinda rolled from there. :P

So right now I'm hatching way too many eggs for a shiny Trapinch. I don't have anything worthwhile to trade for it (Nowhere close to filling up the regional dex, so what on earth would I have worth a shiny?) So this is a mess. I have 120+ Trapinches now. I'll probably Wondertrade most of them to fill up the Dex.

So question for everyone; did you have fun filling up your National Pokedex? Why or why not? Was it worth it to you? I'll be waiting until Sun and Moon to try it because of the new Pokemon.

Toodles everyone!
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