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Pokemon Adventure! Pt5

Posted December 30th, 2018 at 2:20 AM by Veil Loreraven


So, like I have had like, THE most busy week! I am getting a lot better at this pokemon training and junk, but like, a lot of trainers I have ran into are like, REALLY tough! Akala Island is like, totally filled to the BRIM with all of these like, rising stars and junk. All of them are really tough trainers! Oh, and just the other day my Raditz and Baal are like, really cute and junk and all because like, they were totally playing together for the first time! Usually they like fight and junk until I have to like, break them up and stuff n junk . Anyway, I beat two more captains, a blue hair girl who was like, really nice and junk but I don't remember her name cuz like, I wasn't paying attention when she was talking I just like, was I super focused on my strategy when I was doing her trial. I also got to meet this super hottie dark boy named Kiawe! He was like, super hot and so wasn't the totem pokemon I had to fight! I BARELY Beat him with only two of my pokemon left! My Graveler, Breccia, and my cute little Clefairy, Prelude! But now like, I tried fighting this totem fomatis or something like that, but I like totally lost! I had to go through all this trouble of like, finding this junk n stuff to summon him, I got all sticky from all this icky forest crud, and my shoes are completely ruined from all the mud, ewwwww, right?! Like, omg this place couldn't be like, more annoying.

Anyway, I have been stuck here wondering what to do since like, none of my pokemon can like, deal with that thing, I am like, so trying to totally hard and like, it feels like I am not getting anywhere. I can't afford to feed any more pokemon, the ones I have already siphon away almost all my funds in pokemon food-and I can't like, throw one of them away like some loser trainer! If only I had like, an Ice stone so I could evolve my cute little Raditz into a Sandslash! He could like, totally bring it to the MAX if I could find one of those. I like, used my pokeapp Pokefind to like, search for a store that sells them but it's like, really far from here and junk! Plus, like, If I like used Pokazon than I would like, have to wait super long for one to ship to me and I only have like, enough money for standard delivery since all of my funds get eaten up by buying pokemon food and junk. Like, this isn't so fair! I need to like, get my pokemon stronger so we can like, become rich or something. Then we wouldn't have to battle or worry about food and be like, super popular and live in a mansion or like, something! Anyway, I got more training to do, I guess.
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