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Posted September 8th, 2008 at 10:23 AM by Buoysel
Updated December 14th, 2008 at 5:42 AM by Buoysel

Hey kiddies, they joys of owning a cars.

Today I was driving home, at 75mph on the interstate. I have 5 miles to my exit. All of a sudden I hear a loud flapping noise similar to a blowout. I stop the car to investigate. I find out that my alternator belt has suddenly and for no apparent reason decided to self destruct. I pull so part of it out form the powersteering lines, and continue down the highway. I was seriously not happy. But with the belt still on, I figured I could still make it home...

About a mile down the road, the flapping noise stops and the battery light comes on. I left black marks stopping. I was now seriously ticked off. The belt is now completely in pieces and has wrapped around the harmonic balancer. I try in vain to remove the pieces, they some of them are between the pulley and the powerstering belt. I start the engine in hopes that the pieces would be spit out without throwing the powerstering belt as well.

So there I am, sitting on the side of the interstate with one belt completely in pieces, and the other laying on the ground. I pick up the remains of both belts and my anger, and take them back to the cabin of the car. I take off, now with no powersteering, and not alternator. I know that my time is limited. As soon as the battery dies, I will be stranded. So there I am driving down the interstate at 90mph +.

I didn't get pulled over, despite the fact that I was driving 20mph over the speed limit.

I call to find out the warranty on my belt; the warranty only covers it if the belt doesn't fit. So they will not replace the belt, even thou it was purchased less than three months ago.

Apparently warranties don't cover belts spontaneously decomposing at 2900 rpm.

What I paid for the old belt, $19.99
What I paid for the new belt, $19.99
Having a good reason to leave black marks on the road when I take off, priceless. :D
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