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Fall 2008 Anime Season: Day 2-3

Posted October 5th, 2008 at 12:42 AM by digi-kun

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka [Romance, School Life]
Oh? so it seems the main character for the other harem based Kugyuu anime this is also mistaken for a legendary delinquent. At the same time, it seems that Kugyuu's role isn't tsundere, but a love at first sight, moving-in role...
As an addition, the main character has a little sister, and it's pretty clear that she and Yuuhi (kugyuu) are gonna be in some kinda love triangle, especially with her moving in.
Seeing as this is an ero-game adaptation, i doubt that the first scene matters very much.

Thoughts: Well, seeing as it's a kugyuu anime, i'm kinda watching it anyways, but meh. As far as story goes, it's kinda generic. Guy bumps into girl in need, helps girl, girl is a new transfer in school, also ends up living in his house with his sister. ya, pretty generic ero-game scenario.
Kuromuksuji (Black Butler) [Supernatural]
As far as I can see, it’s pretty much a butler type anime, mostly featuring the butler driving out guests with bad intentions. As a butler anime, it’s a given that he’s perfect in all ways, while the other servants are pretty much useless. At the same time, it seems to have a supernatural feel to it. Kinda like Jigoku Shoujo, but not.

Thoughts: It's kinda weird. It has the perfect butler feel to it, but also has this weird creepy feeling to it, dunno.
Shikabane Hime Aka [Supernatural, Action]
This anime is one of the anime that goes “character stumbles on a girl that was fighting a monster,” or something like that. Turns out the character had actually seen the girl before when stumbling in on a ritual involving a revival of the same girl. At this point, they’ve only actually met before the girl runs off to finish off the monster
Thoughts: The animation is kinda rough, but i think it's supposed to feel that way. It's pretty interesting, and i'd probably like to look into it more, see how their interaction's gonna work out.
Yozakura Quartet [Supernatural, Action]
I have no idea why this is called Yozakura Quartet. There are actually 5 members in the group.
So the town that the series takes place in is a place where Youkai and Humans can coexist, although most of the Youkai so far are humanoid anyways, so It really doesn’t matter so much. Pretty much it’s about this group going around stopping those that try to abuse the other kind.

Thoughts: I watched this right after Shikabane Hime and was thinking that it was kinda the same thing, expect with a team, and more of a Youkai Extermination squad type deal (Like Reimu). And a different animation obviously.
Hokuto no Ken Raou Gaiden Ten no Haou [Action]
So it's about some invincible guy...or something, all i saw was this guy beating the daylights out of everyone/thing he meets.

Thoughts: Well...ya...i might see how it works out, but still...(actually i rushed this one, it's not too bad, but still kinda meh, guess i can't see much of a storyline coming out of this)
Starting here is a kinda improv cuz it's late mode
Tales of the Abyss [Action, Adventure]
Ok, real quick, i really have no idea what's going on partially cuz i skimmed it, though i do plan to look at it again. And partially cuz just about everyone i know is a Tales fan, so i'll get back to you guys on this. If anyone knows the plot for this, feel free to tell me XD
Kurogane no Linebarrel [Mecha, Action]
So ya, here's the mecha anime this season. I actually haven't watched this that much yet, but it's clear that they've pretty much thrown away the anime visuals for the mecha visuals...unless that was planned...Other than that, just imagine the first episode of Gundam SEED or something and you've just about nailed it.
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