I journal about collecting one of each card from all English-language base sets and expansions (with a few exceptions/conditions). I keep it short and sweet, and concentrate on observations and tales of adventure, not lists of what cards I got on a given day.
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So, So Organized

Posted June 5th, 2010 at 4:52 PM by piecemeal

Got my collection plans formalized in a spreadsheet (thank you Pokepedia). Huge upgrade from the paper and pencil checklists I've been using. Tracking is built in by set and rolls up into completion progress for the collection.

Turns out the "limited" scope I defined is still quite large. Not paring anything else at this point, but it still comes out to 4,052 cards across 42 sets. I hadn't thought of the timeline of completing this until now (...details...). This could easily be a ten-year project. And it seems that the collection could easily double in size by 2020 with new sets being released.

Money could solve this problem
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