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Problems with Power Rangers Legacy Wars and Ideas for how to change them

Posted July 7th, 2017 at 6:03 AM by Judge Mandolore Shepard

I am a player of Power Rangers Legacy Wars and I admit there are quite a few problems with it. This entry is for certain problems and how to fix said problems.

These are the problems I will address:
The double block assist meta
problem with the medal system
players not in alliances in higher leagues

How to fix said problems:
When it comes to the double block assist meta, the way to fix said problem is to change it to where the assists can not be of the same category.
As for the medal system problem, the way to fix it is to change the medal system from one where the player that does not win the battle loses medals to one where the players does not win the battle gets half of the amount of medals the winner of the battle gets.
As for the problem with players not in alliances in higher level leagues, the way to fix it is to make alliances required in order to advance past a certain league.
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