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October's Curse Quest, Pt. 1

Posted October 18th, 2018 at 8:34 AM by slyfox198
Updated October 18th, 2018 at 1:02 PM by slyfox198

Awwright! TIme for my first blog post. Sorry if this story is kinda lackadaisical, but I love community events like this mansion one and whoever stumbles upon this post should go try it out! I'm also new to PokéCommunity, and so far I really like it.

October's Curse Quest
in: Pokemon Blue
challenge: Mansion Extravaganza
Part 1

When aptly named October finds out he has gotten a halloween curse, he is eager to go and collect all 8 gym badges plus the champion's power to rid himself of his curse and soon-to-be curses. Unfortunate youngsters such as October have recently been getting curses out of nowhere and they found out that they must get the badges and insert them into haunted tablets that have been popping up to rid themselves of their impending doom. Within these tablets is a virtual mansion, where all the cursed youngsters go to move themselves further into the mansion, gaining curses as they go, but once they move nine times they are freed. However, to gain the power to take an action, they must insert a badge. For the ninth move, they must gain the champion's power.
Anyways. October aptly left to find Oak after receiving his curse that all of his pokemon and himself will die if they sleep. Crap! October realizes he's gonna have to pull an all-nighter every night until he can get some freakin' help. October picks Spuds, a bulbasaur, and soon afterwards loses his first ever fight against Gary.
After October gets lazy old Oak his parcel (Oak's too self-centered to notice that October's life is on the line, see) Oak yammers on about some pokedex crap that October doesn't really care about- He needs to get a move on! October gets out as fast as he can but of course he can't run because he doesn't have running shoes. Completely logical!
Some growls, tackles and tail whips later, October befriends a new monster, the dude nidoran, which he names Poke-Rex, except in all caps because he doesn't want it sticking out like a sore thumb in a world where all names are completely in capital letters.
More growls, tackles and tail whips later, October thinks he's ready for a rematch against Gary. He wins and promptly blazes through the forest filled with stupid bugs because he wants to be able to move on the second gym sooner rather than later (after he defeats Brock)
After facing a wannabe Ultra Recon Squad kid who yammers on about lightyears, October reaches Brock, preparing for an intense, scorching and exciting battle!
Two vine whips.
Buh-bye, Onix and Geodude!
Weeell, in order to avoid Brock taking out his anger which was currently taking the form of steam out of his ears, October rushes out as quickly as his lame non-runner shoes can handle. Upon stepping outside, like literally the first step he took, October feels really dizzy, like he ran into an invisible pokemon or something(oh, wait, Kecleon's not in this game). Suddenly he realizes. He's getting another curse. He better get all gym badges and gain the champion's power before it's too late!!

Oh yeah. October remembered to take out his haunted tablet and proceed to room 12.
Team currently:
Spuds (Bulbasaur) lvl. 14
Poke-Rex (Nidoran Dude) lvl. 10

In pt. 2, October's curse will mark his first loss...
Part 2 will be posted relatively soon, so stay tuned!
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    If i have some free times only use this game to entertain my self and that is also for free thank you so much to create this special game
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    The big budgets mean big special effects and explosions but at the cost of interpersonal dynamics either between the crew
    Posted December 1st, 2018 at 12:01 AM by suzainlian suzainlian is offline
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    GodsFool's Avatar
    I love it, is that THE Brock with a red face?
    Charitable contributions, Godsfool
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