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Why was my social group deleted?
Unfortunately, when a social group is deleted or pruned, unless we explicitly contact the owner, there's no way to explain exactly why it was deleted. So we've compiled a list of the most common reasons a social group gets deleted. If you're certain your group didn't fall under any of these, contact a higher staff member to ask about it.

  • It was a duplicate group

  • The same group was already made by someone else at an earlier date.
  • It was too specific

  • If something would make more sense as a single discussion in another social group, it'll be deleted
  • It was too broad

  • On the flip side, something like "Video Game Fans" covers too much.
  • It covered two different subjects at once

  • Similar things like "Espeon and Umbreon Fans" is okay but "Espeon and Rayquaza Fans" makes no sense.
  • It made no sense

  • If your title has nothing to do with your description and both of them were barely readable English, we won't bother deciphering it.
If your group was deleted, do NOT remake it again. Figure out what was wrong with it, fix that, and THEN try remaking it. If you're unsure what was wrong, contact a higher staff member.

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