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    Hi everyone,I'm Pokegirl426,but you can call me Rei,I look like dawn,but I have blacker hair and blue eyes and I wear a black and silver version of may's outfit,I love battles and contests,since i'm very skilled at both,My Very first pokemon is a female eevee named Element,and trust me,she may look cute,but she's fierce! my ranger partner is a pachirisu Named Spark,she's really energetic,And my Aura partner Is The aura sphere riolu who I call Aura,he's a little cautious when using aura sphere,but he's powerful.I've been to every region and have beat the leagues and won grand festivals,but it took me a while,I've kept my three partners with me throughout all of them,I truly care for pokemon a lot.But i guess since a lot of you don't know,I'll tell you my story the best i can:
    I was abandoned as a baby in a forest and I was found by a lucario,who was the guardian of the forest,Arceus had passed judgement upon me to see if i was worthy,It turns out I was chosen to be one of the great guardians of pokemon,Arceus then had all the legends bestow power upon me,giving me unimaginable abilities and the power of aura,but i don't use them very often,The pokemon then trained me,teaching me how to survive and battle,some people started calling me a wild girl because of how i was,I could lift boulders only a golem could! It was all nice,but when i turned 10 i went on my journey with element,spark and aura,we were incredible,we made tons of partners and friends,after i had beaten all the leauges,I started contests,It was a little hard at first to get all the pokemon that loved pure fighting to do it,but i managed,I was amazing as the judges put it.I ran into miss cynthia one day,she told me that I was a pure champion,I was stunned at first,But i eventually figured out that she was saying that i could be a great guardian,I still remember all the fun and I still do it,I now compete as the co-champion in shinnoh next to miss cynthia and I Battle in all sorts of competitions,tournaments,races,and contests,I even face gym leaders and the elite four every now and then,I'm currently a level 3 ranger under all of the Leader rangers.I care deeply for all my friends,I hope i'll be able to make more here!
    I usually spend time taking care of my pokemon,training and battling them to improve the accuraccy and power of their moves,making their moves as beautiful as possible for contests,and making sure each one is healthy,keeping them clean and well-fed
    Shinnoh,but my home region is almia
    Female ♀
    Trainer/coordinator/ranger,But miss cynthia says i'm a champion
    Favorite Pokémon
    I can't decide,I love them all!


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