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  1. CatholicLeoJoe
    August 27th, 2016 12:52 PM
    Can you fix the evolution of Sliggoo to Goodra as I have tried to evolve it with exp. share in arena and it crashes the game. I have tried outside the arena and it gives me something of 0/3 type error. I am happy that you are back and fixing some things that are needed to be fixed. Can't wait for the super rod being put in game. Please give out a link to any new game you do. Can you make a I support Pokemon Metal banner to use.
  2. FizzleRicks
    June 22nd, 2016 5:28 AM
    Do you have any icon related scripts I could use, Essentials related?
  3. FizzleRicks
    June 22nd, 2016 5:28 AM
    I have posted but zilch answers, will wait more patiently and do more surfing
  4. FizzleRicks
    June 20th, 2016 1:05 PM
    Hey are you able to convert this script for Pokemon essentials or tell me basically how to do it for most scripts? or link a guide?

    This is the script is a "proximity event icon" script. cheers dude!

    # Event Proximity Icons
    # Author: ForeverZer0
    # Version: 1.4
    # Date: 6.4.2012
    # Introduction:
    # This script will allow you to have various icons appear over events' heads
    # when the player gets within a certain range of them, and the appropriate
    # tag is found asa comment in their page.
    # Features:
    # - Easy to use
    # - Can use any number of custom tags you want
    # - Adjustable coordinates for icons
    # - Adjustable cycle times for changing icons
    # - Adjustable proximity before icons show
    # - Icons transition in/out smoothly
    # - Can use glow feature instead of icons
    # - Set custom glow color and speed
    # Instructions:
    # - See configuration below.
    # - Make sure all icons are located in Graphics/Pictures directory
    # Credits:
    # - ForeverZer0, for the script
    # - Zexion, for requesting it
    # - Taiine, for her constant reminders to add Blizz-ABS compatibility


    # These are th codes that will be searched for in event page comments
    ICONS = ['talk', 'search', 'attack']
    # These are the filenames of the respective codes, located in Pictures folder

    # The number of tiles away the player must be to event to show the icons.

    CYCLE_TIME = 2
    # The number of seconds before the icon cycles to the next one (if available)

    ICON_OFFSET = [0, -8]
    # The offset of the icon coodinates, adjust to your icon size

    GLOW_ONLY = false
    # Set to true to have sprites glow when within range instead of using icons
    GLOW_COLOR =, 255, 200, 128)
    # The color of the glow. (RED, GREEN, BLUE, ALPHA)
    GLOW_SPEED = 40
    # The glow speed. 40 = 1 second

    ALWAYS_ON_TOP = false
    # Set to true if icons always display over everything else.


    # ** Game_Map

    class Game_Map

    attr_accessor :proximity_data

    alias zer0_proximity_setup setup
    def setup(map_id)
    @proximity_data = {}

    # ** Game_Event

    class Game_Event

    alias zer0_proximity_init initialize
    def initialize(map_id, event)
    # Normal method
    $game_map.proximity_data[] = [false, []]
    zer0_proximity_init(map_id, event)
    # A little extra work now, but it greatly reduces the number of checks later
    @event.pages.each {|page| page.list.each {|command|
    if [108, 408].include?(command.code) &&
    command.parameters.any? {|param| TAGS.include?(param) }
    $game_map.proximity_data[@id][0] = true

    alias zer0_proximity_tag_refresh refresh
    def refresh
    # Call normal refresh method
    # Check current page
    if !GLOW_ONLY && $game_map.proximity_data[@id][0] && @page != nil
    # Set default values
    $game_map.proximity_data[@id] = [false, []]
    # Iterate commands and check if tag is present. If so, set respective flag
    @page.list.each {|command|
    if [108, 408].include?(command.code) &&
    $game_map.proximity_data[@id][0] = true

    # ** Sprite_Character

    class Sprite_Character

    alias zer0_proximity_tag_init initialize
    def initialize(viewport, character = nil)
    # Check if the sprite is that of an event, and has icons
    if != 0
    flag = $game_map.proximity_data[][0]
    if character.is_a?(Game_Event) && flag
    topview =, 0, 640, 480)
    topview.z = 9999
    # Initialize sprite and bitmaps
    @icon_sprite = ALWAYS_ON_TOP ? :
    @icon_sprite.opacity = @icon_index = 0
    # Normal initialize method
    zer0_proximity_tag_init(viewport, character)

    alias zer0_proximity_tag_upd update
    def update
    # Normal update method
    # Update the icons if needed
    if ![nil, 0].include?(
    flag = $game_map.proximity_data[][0]
    if @character.is_a?(Game_Event) && flag
    GLOW_ONLY ? update_glow : update_icons

    def update_glow
    # Check proximity, then set flash if within range.
    range_x = @character.x - $game_player.x
    range_y = @character.y - $game_player.y
    range = Math.hypot(range_x, range_y).abs
    if range <= PROXIMITY && Graphics.frame_count % GLOW_SPEED == 0
    self.flash(GLOW_COLOR, GLOW_SPEED)

    def update_icons
    # Return if no icons exist for page, or set icon if none is defined
    if $game_map.proximity_data[][1].empty?
    elsif @icon_sprite.bitmap == nil
    icon_name = $game_map.proximity_data[][1][0]
    @icon_sprite.bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture(icon_name)
    bw = bh = 0
    # Calculate width and height of icon and figure into the coordinates
    if @icon_sprite.bitmap != nil
    bw = ((self.bitmap.width / 4) - @icon_sprite.bitmap.width) / 2
    by = [email protected]_sprite.bitmap.height
    # Set coordinates of icon relative to sprite
    @icon_sprite.x = (self.x - self.ox) + bw + ICON_OFFSET[0]
    @icon_sprite.y = (self.y - self.oy) + bh + ICON_OFFSET[1]
    # Check range, fading in/out smoothly as needed
    if $BlizzABS
    pix = $BlizzABS.pixel
    char_x, char_y = @character.x, @character.y
    player_x, player_y = $game_player.x / pix , $game_player.y / pix
    if @character.is_a?(Map_Battler)
    char_x /= pix
    char_y /= pix
    char_x, char_y = @character.x, @character.y
    player_x, player_y = $game_player.x, $game_player.y
    range_x = char_x - player_x
    range_y = char_y - player_y
    range = Math.hypot(range_x, range_y).abs
    @icon_sprite.opacity += (range <= PROXIMITY) ? 10 : -10
    # Cycle icon bitmap as needed
    if @icon_sprite.opacity > 0 && Graphics.frame_count % (CYCLE_TIME * 40) == 0
    size = $game_map.proximity_data[][1].size
    @icon_index = (@icon_index + 1) % size
    icon_name = $game_map.proximity_data[][1][@icon_index]
    @icon_sprite.bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture(icon_name)

    alias zer0_proximity_icon_dispose dispose
    def dispose
    # Disposed the icon sprite
    if @icon_sprite != nil && [email protected]_sprite.disposed?
  5. FizzleRicks
    June 17th, 2016 2:32 PM
    Awesome I'll have a look and see what I can muster! Cheers.
  6. FizzleRicks
    June 13th, 2016 8:27 AM
    Hello! I am currently a quester on a quest to find a quest log for my custom game. I have found out you have your own quest log, is it possible I can test and use this for my own game? I am struggling to find some but I have come across Mobius's modified version by mel or mej, however I did read that you wanted to keep track of quest related items right? So if I could have a look that would be awesome!
  7. GrandHunter
    May 18th, 2016 2:56 AM
    Well I'm really sorry for being that annoying person who always bothers everyone but the thing is I already went with Blue in the cave there's this guy with a powerful Onix who defeats blue and then both of us can't go in that room in the deepest part of aura cave , now i used the forum hoping to find something someone told me that I need to finish the hiker quest , I already did that and got this ancient compass , now it's supposedto allow me to go to the sea of bodom but the captain harbor always responds with this sequence of words : " we have been over this I won't take you to the sea of Bodom , you can try to change my mind but it won't work " after that I show him the compass a silence and then " I'm sorry but i won't take you to the sea of bodom cal me a coward but stay away from the sea of bodom! " . I don't think I've done the four season island quest but I'll try to figure that out somehow just ... do u think that I'm missing something.... if so pls help me when u get the chance , again sorry for causing u trouble but I need help badly .
  8. GrandHunter
    May 14th, 2016 10:53 AM
    Hey Alex I needed some help , I can't seem to go to the sea of bodom even though I have the compass and map , I tried using the forum , no luck but I'm still trying I just thought maybe the game creator could have a some advice that might just work , so please reply on the forum when u get the chance . Please
  9. GrandHunter
    May 10th, 2016 6:34 AM
    Hey , first of all I really love pokemon metal but one of the best pokemon fanmade games ever , but there is a slight downside a certain number of items are missing , like the razer claw , dawn stone , absolite , ampharosite are not available . Also Glalie and Manectric can't seem to mega evolve...... and there is a major need for more heart scales . PLS PLS PLS PLS add these items to the game in the next update pls pls pls they are going to be very useful . Pls I beg of u
  10. mohan226
    April 19th, 2016 11:03 AM
    Hi, I asked a question about Pokémon metal on it's thread. Can you please reply?
  11. rowel
    January 11th, 2016 10:38 PM
    1 more how toget the ice giant?? Need answer asap
  12. LightningAlex
    November 26th, 2015 12:34 AM
    I'm having major trouble registering on the forum. It never sent me a confirmation mail, and now I can't log in nor create a new account with my e-mail address.
  13. raggahc
    November 25th, 2015 11:49 AM
    First of all thank you very much for your understanding.
    Regarding credit, you go out at all, they have not touched (they are the same game) if I remember just add some (those who made online gambling and translation).
    In tale to see Post the forum, to see them you should be registered (you can with your Facebook to accelerate registration). Once registered, send me an internal message forum to give PokeTSGamerZ powers within the same forum.
    To better understand the same forum you can select at the bottom of this and change the language to English (the default is for Spanish).

    I have done that I sent you the game to edit by internal message (because the current can not be edited), so you can work on the maps trying to add Diving, megaevolutions and the quest log (which is not closed) and new maps if you wish.
    The buttons used in today are: Enter, ESC, Shift, f6 and f7.
    Any further questions feel free to ask here or our forum.
    We look forward to working with you. A big hug. Atte Ragga_HC
  14. raggahc
    November 24th, 2015 2:59 PM
    Thank you very much for your prompt response. I think you understood the idea very well and I also understood your idea.
    Still show you how it turned out our demo video:
    In the description of this video and download the game.
    (At the forum you can change the default language to English).
    As for the language no problem google translator serves very well.
    As for your time no serious MUST have full time as we have several people helping with this project.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated for example when making the game and edit either: Add new maps, solve the problem eg diving (Problem solved simply by removing the HM Diving map so they can not use it (eliminating the problem diving, the problem of mega evolution not know how to fix it and as it is a job done for you is very difficult for us to know exactly what you did to fix it)). maybe if you saw one Might hecharas and look to see what fails.
    Still I hope that this will motivate as many people interested in playing this game. A big hug and I hope that you want to include you in our group.
    PS: I look forward to your response.
    Muchas gracias por tu pronta respuesta. Creo que entendiste muy bien la idea y yo tambien entendi tu idea.
    Aun asi te mostrare como quedo nuestro video demostrativo:
    En la descripcion del video esta como descargar el juego.
    (Al foro puedes cambiarle el idioma por defecto a ingles).
    En cuanto al idioma no hay problema google traductor cumple la funcion muy bien.
    En cuando a tu tiempo no seria necesario que dispongas del tiempo completo pues tenemos varias personas ayudando en este proyecto.
    Tu ayuda seria muy apreciada por ejemplo al momento de tomar el juego y editarlo ya sea para: Agregar nuevos mapas, solucionar el problema por ejemplo del buceo (Problema que solucionamos simplemente sacando el HM Buceo del mapa para que no puedan usarlo (eliminando el problema de buceo, el problema de la mega evolucion no sabemos como solucionarlo y como es un trabajo hecho por usted es muy dificil para nosotros saber exactamente que hizo usted para poder solucionarlo)). talvez si lo vieras y le hecharas un vistazo podrias ver que es lo que falla.
    Aun asi espero que esto te motive pues hay mucha gente interesada en jugar este juego. Un gran abrazo y espero que quieras incluirte a nuestro grupo.
    PD: Espero con ansias tu respuesta.
  15. raggahc
    November 24th, 2015 11:36 AM
    Hello friend, as you should know I follow your work and I've always enjoyed working on your game as well, but on the other realm. In short I did online, but currently has very few faults and therefore largely solved many, many things you agrege and serve others. But your game is largely the same.
    I am Chilean (I speak Spanish) so the game I'm translated into Spanish, but I also like to have the same game in English.
    Currently has many things but not others and able to solve for people occupy them in online mode eg diving and mega evolution. The game did the pokemon accompany you on the adventure but not achieved and other users can see the pokemon. I would like your you to join us work and let our online guide at most of the game (which is non-profit) but somehow you have to pay accommodation services.
    If you want to see the game secretly (because we're just playing with friends at the moment). Answer me this message. Regards.
    I apologize for my bad English then use google translator.
    Hola amigo, como debes saber yo sigo tu trabajo de siempre y llevo mucho trabajando en tu juego tambien, pero por otro ambito. En resumen lo hice online, actualmente tiene Fallas pero muy pocas pues e solucionado en gran parte muchas de ellas, le agrege muchas cosas y le saque otras. Pero tu juego esta en gran medida igual.
    Yo soy Chileno (hablo español) por lo cual el juego lo estoy traduciendo al español, pero me gustaria tambien tener el mismo juego en ingles.
    Actualmente tiene muchas cosas pero otras no e podido solucionar para que la gente las ocupen en el modo online por ejemplo: buceo y la mega evolucion. Al juego hice que el pokemon te acompañe en la aventura pero no e logrado que los otros usuarios puedan ver el pokemon. Me gustaria que tu nos te unieras a nuestro trabajo online y dejarte como maximo guia del juego (que es sin fines de lucro) pero de algun modo hay que pagar los servicios de alojamiento.
    Si te interesa ver el juego de forma secreta (pues solo lo estamos jugando con amigos por el momento). Respondeme este mensaje. Saludos.
    Me disculpo por mi mal ingles pues uso google traductor.

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