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  1. Cyclone
    June 22nd, 2014 5:52 PM
    Site went down when I tried to last update. I now have about 57 Eggs (I'm doing two full boxes, 60 total). I accidentally popped the 27th Egg before putting it back in the PC, so I already know that Air Slash and Steel Wing ARE confirmed to be on every single Egg (as well as Vullaby's starting moves). That one was a Naive 4IV specimen, so I presume you will not want that one and will put it in my Wonder Trade group.

    So I'm three Eggs away, and then I'm going to start hatching them. I've been spending the occasional long waits between some Eggs incubating the others, so many are already ready to pop (hence why #27 did so prematurely). I plan to start popping within a half hour or so from this message and will send you a PM with the results.
  2. Cyclone
    June 21st, 2014 11:12 PM
    Just as an FYI as you seem to be new to this kind of messaging...

    If you wish to reply to a message on your user page, you need to reply on the other user's page. This will do two things:

    1. It will alert that user to the new message (I got no alert to this and thankfully had the page still in my browser).
    2. It will create an easy-to-scan conversation chain between you and the other user (click "View Conversation" on this message in the lower-right, next to "Report", to see what I mean after you reply on my page).

    As an update to the Vullaby bit, I now have a 5IV Vullaby and a 5IV Skarmory, and as noted in an edit, Steel Wing CAN be taught. This is one of two projects I have on the go (I just got the idea for the other today involving Slowpokes of all things, and have started stealing King's Rocks from the Poliwhirls at Frost Cavern; getting at least a dozen quickly over an hour). I may Wonder Trade some results WITH King's Rocks. I wish I could see the looks on some of the faces of the people who will get these! LOL

    I must stress I can't guarantee your Vullaby's exact five IVs, but after I train the pair enough (I already got my Vullaby subject hatched by someone else for my 50% Egg rate), I'll breed as many Eggs as I can and, for those that end up with five perfect IVs, will give you the following as options:

    a) anything with five perfect IVs, whether it's 31/31/31/31/x/31, 31/31/x/31/31/31, or whatever, as well as each specimen's nature (not just Impish)
    b) anything Impish and what IVs are perfect, but this category will not necessarily have all five 31s and may be harder to get

    If none match up exactly, I could always train an Impish Vullaby that appears with at least four IVs, holding the Everstone, but 5IVs is harder to get with fewer 31s to choose from. I'll let you decide how far you want me to take it and explain what the next step would be from what I get. BTW, I'm probably going to keep a 6IV if it appears. LOL

    Both specimens have reached Lv.50, and Vullaby evolves at Lv.54, but I will now breed it for a while. I don't really want its last moves on my eventual Mandibuzz, so I have to be wary to take it out and level it myself past those moves. It won't affect the Egg since I think only moves known by Skarmory are passed (and if Vullaby knows them, THEN they get shared, meaning Air Pulse might very well get passed to a baby as well as Steel Wing), but this is my 5IV one and I don't want to train another one to Lv.50, so I intend to leave mine just as it is. Skarmory meanwhile is finished learning moves at Lv.50, and since it passes Steel Wing, that's ideal.

    I'll have to delete someone to add you, but you can add me anytime. Once I'm ready to trade I'll see who to get rid of and add you back, or if your friend list is also full we can do a quick simple GTS trade (something like requesting a legendary for a Fletchling) when I'm ready to trade AND we're both online simultaneously. We can then connect as acquaintances, reverse that trade, and then do the actual trade for the Vullaby that way.
  3. Trainer_Deadpool
    June 20th, 2014 8:48 PM
    I don't have the Vullaby yet. I'm very interested in your offer
  4. Cyclone
    June 19th, 2014 11:43 AM
    Did you get your Impish Vullaby yet? I don't believe I have it in Kalos yet, but I can try to breed it on my Black 1 or White 2 game and import from there. I recently hatched about 40-50 Ralts trying to get someone a Timid one and finally succeeded, as well, so you know I'll do my best. I can always Wonder Trade or release the rejects.

    UPDATE: I've done my experiment using a 2IV Skarmory (knowing the move) and a 5IV Vullaby. The move CAN still be learned. I have both in the daycare right now, but it seems they...don't like each other very much. I might have to get a good Skarmory Egg (or, preferably, a Vullaby Egg) popped by someone else to give better breeding rates before I can get what you're asking for, and the five IVs may not be your exact wish, but I'm seeing what I can do. At least I now know it CAN be done.

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