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  • You sir, are a true sir. I'm glad you're not like the other narrow sighted GameGrumps "fans" If you can call them that, who think just because Jon's gone, the shows toast. Danny does a fantastic job and he's incredibly funny and talented.

    You got your stuff together, I tell you what.

    Is it alright if you can tell me Shoutmon's evolutions and prevolutions?
    I want to see which ones he gets.
    I love Braviary and Rufflet, actually I love all Bird Pokemon and Water-type Pokemon. :D
    The thing that troubles me about Braviary, is his Speed.
    I hope that GameFreak would be kind enough to give him a kicka--, Mega Evolution.
    Don't be one of the lovely's that is constantly whining about JonTron no longer being on the show. Danny is amazing in his own right as was Jon. But he's gone now, and you JonTron fans need to let that go. Stop being so close-minded.

    If you love JT so much, go watch him on his channel. >_>
    The swag of your Avatar can't be contained! "Pika-pika CHUUUUUUUUU!" Professor, we've picked up a major swag discharge in the atmosphere over Kanto!
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