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  • I read your post on Ring version, and I just had to laugh. Yes, it sucked, but you're starting to remind me of myself before I decided to reevaluate everything. Do you remember that letter I sent you? Yeah, I'm embarrassed to be related to as great a fool as myself.
    I didn't like it... I just didn't want to let him down... kind of like The Lost World.

    I'm making a website as a way for people (like me, if I lose the files off of my computer) to view past articles from GDW. It's pretty small right now, mainly because there's only a few articles, but it'll get bigger.
    Is Omega Groudon from a foreign country or something? I played 5 minutes of his demo and he makes stupid typos like it's nobody's business.

    P.S. I started to work on our website. It looks alright, but that's mainly because I'm using a CSS template.
    Reviews this week are going to be really hard to get considering the updates are spread out over innumerable pages. Ughh....
    Naw, I'll probably be able to write. I've worked under worse conditions. It's not like this is the end of the world for me.

    My school has gone completely... er, nuts (pun intended, you can shoot me) about the peanut butter. The outbreak has just been an excuse for them to make the school peanut free for one kid with a peanut allergy. If he smells peanuts, he'll have an allergic so bad he'll die.

    You do? Although, I must admit that using Essentials basically means you're hacking.
    It was from a cough, remember? Yes, do the protip. It should be about writing a good story as opposed to "let's all go to Death Island!". But don't be surprised if I'm too tired to write for the next two weeks. Unless I have foodborne illness...
    Yeah... because common symptoms of a cold include joint pain focusing around the spine, chronic sleepiness, and inflamed tonsils.

    P.S. Did you just make a thinly-veiled reference to making out?
    Dude, being busy isn't that bad. Being busy AND getting mono (I think) is what's bad. Somebody coughed on me (I'm looking at my brother) somewhere along the line and now I have all the symptoms of mono. Yay me!
    Hey, you forgot two things on your great review on my game (for more info on what I think look at the issue) :
    1. This little suprise (Was it the end of the review? Becuase that was really nice :>
    2. What you rate the game.
    Whew... That may almost be better than my text based style. Just as a side note, the huge triangles by the subtitles get to be really annoying after a while. It's cut up into brief sections which is good, and not too harsh. I haven't really look at it all too closely yet (my 'rent's will be home soon), but I was also wondering if you included the User rating, My rating thing.
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