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  • Hi there 64mashmaster3ds!

    I hope you are doing well, welcome back to the community.

    I saw that you were interested in fanmade box art for Pokemon games. I moved the thread over to Pokemon gaming because I thought you might have better luck in one of the Pokemon sections than Off-Topic since Off-Topic features everything but Pokemon. Your thread is still here, just in a place I thought that more people might be able to help you with some recommendations. There it is over here.


    Warm regards,

    -Sam (The off-topic mod)
    Hello PokéCommunity! It may have been a while since I've on this site. If anyone want to reach out to me, check out my YouTube channel where I make Pokémon videos. (And other Nintendo and third party games.) I'm also on other websites like Twitter, Twitch, and DeviantArt. It may be rare that I'll be on PokéCommunity, but I hope you would have the time and support me on other sites.

    If anyone have the time, check out my YouTube Channel. Here's the first episode of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Hope to see you there!
    Today i saw your thread asking help to insert fairy type in emerald... for that simply try my tool ;)
    I hope that will help.... good luck on your work though... :)
    i test many times it, but i can't do, i need help o asm hackers for understand the routine, but i dont have this knowledge
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