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  • Wow.
    Nevermind, RNC had sent me a PM, but it got lost too. T_T
    And here I've been waiting for ages, for no reason. Damn you New Notification system!
    Hello, no, no one has yet.
    Sorry for not responding.
    I think the new notification system managed to lose this message in cyberspace. :I
    Okay, cheers. I realised I'd made that mistake after I'd posted the messages. I wasn't concentrating on what I was doing.
    Well it's 7am where I am at the minute, I'm just on my way to work (are we the sand time zone?) I'm hoping to only be working the morning today so I should be able to in the afternoon? :)
    I am terribly sorry, I forgot about your post on my profile! I have been a bit inactive online lately as I haven't been able to get on computers much, but if you are still interested then that would be great! Again terribly sorry!
    ~RNC~ picked up the request last night, but due to how many clones I asked for, she's gonna give them back today.
    Could you maybe be more specific?
    Like, naming a few species? I don't think I have enough time to breed "everything"...
    I actually have gotten use out of Cute Charm before haha. I run Hyper Voice, Protect, Shadow Ball, and Psyshock on mine. [: She does pretty well on showdown, but I want to try on battlespot. The people there are different, but often put up less of a fight.

    I finished breeding Timid Froakie and I have perfect parents for Jolly yay. What next?
    Even in double battles? I think the only other Normal move it gets that will hit both is Swift, which only has a base power of like 60. With Pixilate's boost, that isn't as bad, but still. Hyper Voice is 90.

    That will take forever. D:
    I'm working on Froakie atm. I'm just lucky that it doesn't get too many egg moves...the only one with potential is Toxic Spikes, which I'm too lazy to chain breed onto it.
    What, you didn't evolve into Sylveon? D:
    I honestly don't care for normal Sylveon's coloration, but I can't get a shiny one to use competitively because laptop won't let me RNG on gen V. I also don't have B/W2 so no Hyper Voice.

    I want to have 20+ species already bred and available when I open my trade shop (preferably more than one of each)...I'm up to 15 now. I'm going to start breeding ones that are popular to use competitively (Fletchling, Froakie, species with mega evos, etc.) now.
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