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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    I was wondering if I could use part of my rp sample for my first post. Reading it made me realize, I could just end my rp sample with Hector getting the Absolite. If not, then I'll just make something new.
    Hi, not sure if your SU is still open, if it is could you check mine out? If it takes up space or if the SU thread is closed i'll delete it.
    I was wondering if I could just randomly change my reservation from Medicham to Absol. ;D herpaderpderp.
    Yeah, I'd count it as done. I might make a few edits to the personality if that is okay with you.
    Also, never actually knew that. I'll change it right now
    Hey, is it alright if I swap out Ampharo's Protect and Rest, for Reflect and Healbell? And while held items aren't mandatory, I was wondering if I could add that too in an appearance section for the team. Ampharos would have Light Clay, Gengar Choice Scarf, and Crobat Choice Band.
    Oh! Sorry I didn't get on to see this in time!

    I had plans to join Keystones, but now I've decided not to do so anyways. Sorry about any inconvenience I've caused! And good luck on the RP! :)
    Although, Megacross is pretty weak to any bird, regardless is it has Gale wings or not. I suppose thats why it got Rock Blast.
    Oh and, sorry for the short personality... I'm just not good at it.
    I think I'll change pin missile, since I think that Megahorn is heracross' signature move. Competitively I believe arm thrust is better, even if weaker, because it doesn't lower the defenses like close combat does.
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