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  • ooo thats really cool we never go out on christmas though haha im gllad youenjoyed your family, family is important!
    Maybe I`ll get them as I ROM, I seriously don`t know lol. I`m surrounded by some people on pc who will probably buy one of those games lol. And a good friend of mine is kinda pretty excited about B/W. He will get one of those games and he keeps saying stuff like "You`ll buy B/W. I know you want it!" xD
    Yup! I`m pre-tey f-nine xD
    Nope lol.
    Those games don`t turn me on xD
    Johto = Best! 2nd /(G/S/C) + 4th (D/P/Pt/HG/SS) + 1st Gen (R/B/Y) = Pwnage.
    Others weren`t that good in my opinion lawl.

    I mean...look! B/W reminds me kinda on R/B!
    a) Those games are serious. I mean, they seem to be made for people from 15-19, lol.
    b) Black...White...the names. 1st gen games have also names from colours too!
    c) The route names! They started again from Route 1!
    d) And a whole, new region! No connection to other regions lol.
    e) You`ll only meet the 5th gen pokemon in the grass before defeating the champ. I mean, it`s pure isolation! xD
    f) That`s it for now. I mean come on! Seriously, I don`t have to list you other reasons xD
    g) Oh and btw, the pokemon evolve kinda late...like the pokemon in the first gen! It was hard to train them back then. It should be hard to train the 5th gen pokemon too! I mean, there`s Sazandora which you won`t get till Lv.64! xD (Ah, that reminda me on Gold lawl. Me training my Tyranitar till Lv.75 so it could learn that f***in Hyper Beam! xD)

    What do you have to say for your defense, sir?
    i agree, i get so tired and now they have told me that i am going to be going to the gym as well from a few hours on a friday, i am going to be so sleepy lol
    I got a new phone, Fable 3, and Mass Effect 2 over all great christmas! i was happy and with my family it was amazing haha. did you enjoy your family?
    i agree but i start school on friday at half 8 and finish at 10 past three but i dont go on home because at 10 past three, i have my duke of edinbrugh meeting (which is just like school but not strict at all) and i dont leave there till half 8, i dont get it easy on fridays lol
    Pfft, 3D Maps have been introduced inb 2007, when Diamond and Pearl have been released, silly! xD
    So what? I don`t care about their moving xD
    Idk, Black/White aren`t on my "Must Buy" list lol.
    Idk, they aren`t attractive to me! xD
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