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  • Well both of them are based off of a book called "Arabian Nights", which is why characters such as Aladdin, Jafar, and even the Genie (named Ugo in Magi) have the same names but different roles. But I grew up with Aladdin, too, so whenever the genie comes on screen me and my friends pretty much always call him Robin Williams.

    But the show gets better. Not that I would try to get you to watch the show if you've already decided on it, but I've personally made it a policy to give a show at least two to three episodes before giving up on it. After all, there are so many things that aren't as good at the beginning because they have to set up the plot, characters, etc.
    It's a gif I made from the theme song of a show called Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. I'm glad you think it's awesome, I guess that means it's serving it's purpose :D
    College Humor never ceases to amaze me with the content they make. That was hilarious (: You should look at the content that Dorkly makes, which is a side project of College Humor which makes solely video game comedy content
    Thanks, I recommend you play the game if you haven't. The story and gameplay are amazing, also the game is quite lengthy.
    Do so! It's so worth it. There are so many good games on the 3DS outside just Pokemon, you will be happy with your purchase. =)
    Aw cute! I caught a shiny mareep in X with horde battle farming but it was a boy. Wanted a girl :(
    Mareep is one of my favorite electrics too.. well, favorite I should say. I love all electrics! Can't wait to train a shiny and evolve it into shiny ampharos. :D
    I normally just listen to my own iPod as I can't really control what the radio gives me haha. Though having random music is nice, I prefer it to be in English so I'm able to look it up later, I can't really speak Japanese myself >.<
    I see, are you into Japanese music? If not the music itself may not be your cup of tea. Or coffee if you prefer that.
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