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  • Progress has been very limited. I haven't worked on it much over the past three or so months (I needed a break, had other things to do, etc...).

    The project isn't dead, though. I will hopefully have the time to start working on it again soon!
    Haha, yeah it is! I've cycled through a few Cubone avatars, but when I found this one a few weeks ago, I decided I'm never changing avatars ever again. This is exactly what I've been looking for. :P
    I'm not sure as to if I'll make a new account. I PM'd a moderator about it but it doesn't look like much will happen. As for my hacks: progress is slow as always. But I assure you I am working on my mini-hack, and I'll try notifying you periodically :-)

    I see that Danny E-33 left a visitor message. I suggest you look into his graphics patch because it's amazing what he did with Red! If you also have the time to stop by Skeetendo, there is some discussion going on about porting the music and one of the links gives you a patch that lets you add GSC music to Red.
    Hey friend!
    Take a look at my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch!
    Play through the original Pokémon Red we all know and love with huge improvements such as all new sprites from GSC!
    No more pixelated "grainy" back sprites!
    It's kind of like a sneak-peak to alot of the features included in my main hack, Pokémon Prototype!
    Leave your feedback in the hack's thread!
    And while you're at it, tell your friends!
    Thanks a bunch!
    Hey there! Thanks for your interest in my hack. I think you're the only one who noticed that the thread was closed.

    I asked the admin to close the thread because I wanted to create a new account and start a new Aurum thread when there's a playable Beta. I personally hate seeing threads of fun-looking hacks with nice screenshots that aren't updated so I thought I'd try to get the thread removed.

    To be very honest with you, I haven't touched the Aurum hack at all since last November I believe. I was really busy with life stuff and I started working on a semi-mini hack. It's inspired by Mateo's Pokemon Christmas Hack if you haven't played that, and I'm using this new Christmas mini-hack to learn how to script effectively before I plunge into Aurum. So, hang in there! I'm also planning to release the mini-hack once I get a decent playable Beta possible. Once I finish that to my satisfaction, I'll go back to Aurum.

    One more thing that you might be interested in: seeing my cousin play B&W has convinced me to put all Dragon Pokemon in Aurum, with the exception of Dragon legendaries.

    Thanks for your interest in my hack once again!
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