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  • Yeah I heard the stories, then again now the newest one might be the big black sheep lmao
    oh god the dub
    I mean I can understand that, I have like 4 different ZEXAL decks... think it might even the most from all series that I own lmao
    ive built a ton of character decks, thats how i went to collect

    lotsa money went into this lmao
    I have a fully Japanese Kaito deck which cost me my kidney, but it looks so cool. I tried to pull the Astral Utopia when that set came out and never got lucky, but it does look very funky.

    Shark is just fantastic
    guess thats how komoney rolls :(

    Im just gonna run Shark only when he shows up for the interactions
    well what I fear is that most of his cards, including the Numbers will come in a big box in May.

    Which is a darned shame since when Kaito got released his Photon stuff got released in a mini-box, which helped a ton for my saved gems, although half of it is missing from the game still
    I just wanted to mess around with Gimmick Puppets and everything and now im sad :(
    must sell many boxes for that gacha luck i suppose
    it's like a soft reboot of the events, like Yuma lost all his numbers once more in the ZEXAL world, but so far only Shark was instantly unlockable in an event without a roaming event first.
    Mid of april has been confirmed for IV to arrive.. but not unlockable and that makes me sad :(
    t'was the best news I've seen :D

    I want to watch it again after I'm done rebinging 5Ds, IV is my favorite of them all, then Kaito and V.
    elloello why thank you, I did it mainly cause there have been rumors of IV coming to Duel Links next month (which would make perfect sense on the 4th month).
    but Zexal has many good characters that I like, and many monsters I adore c:
    Ah! I watched some of that show, and thought it was good - very mature for, as you say, a Disney Channel show - but I lost track of it.
    Hey, I didn't want to clog up the "What Made you Happy/Smile Today" thread with this, but what show were you talking about? Who held hands? :)
    It seems like a really interesting series and I want to get into it! I honestly didn't even realize that it was airing in the US until maybe a month ago when I saw it in passing on Disney XD?
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