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  • Apologies for replying so late, combination of being busy and the fact that this site doesn't send email notifications about profile conversations.

    Anyway, it looks like your palette is not coming out correctly. the image layout seems fine though. To get this palette to come out right, you must insert your edited copy of its data into free space, and then update the pointer that links to that data.

    I will send you a .TXT file containing the palette I used in my hack (for the normal grass background). It also says in the text file what pointer to edit, in this case 0x31ABB8 (which has these bytes: "18 83 D7 08", which points to 0xD78318.

    EDIT: I also ran into the problem of not being able to change the needed black color, but IIRC I think I fixed it by making the colors in my background not use that particular palette index #. Instead, I made it share a color with another index so I didn't have to mess with it.
    I just keep spriting a lot so I eventually got good at it :) all spriters suck at the start. the good spriters are the ones that make a conscious effort to improve
    Alright, so I looked back into the database I made for battle backgrounds and I see that the procedure I used to most easily import them involves using GBA Graphics Editor (which is sort of like unLZ) to import only the image (not the palette) into the ROM at a free space offset, and allowing it to auto-fix the image pointers. Then, I hex-edit the original palette used in the game to suit what I'm inserting, select/copy the edited data and back it up (like in a .txt file) and keep it in a folder with the corresponding image. I close the hex-editor without saving so the original data is left untouched, and then I paste the new data I made in free space (usually right after the image data). After that, I manually fix the pointers to the palette and it should work.

    If the image is showing up garbled/blank in some way, then the background you are using is probably not indexed or is not aligned properly with the corresponding .raw file in the graphics editor. For fixing alignment, I use Nameless Tilemap Editor, AKA "NTME". Since you were getting a black-screen, either this is the problem or I think it may be that the pointers to the data may be wrong in some way and the game can't even access it.
    Is it Emerald version that you are hacking? Also, which background is it? I may be able to search it out for you (or even provide offsets that I saved in documents).
    Sometimes there is more than one pointer for each, make sure to change all of them by searching them out in the hex editor.

    If that is not the problem, then it may be that the data being imported is not in the right format (has to be the exact same structure as the original data, with filler bytes and everything). I colored and imported my own by manually editing each color in the palette data to match each background I was going to import, while keeping the original palette pointers the same while only changing the background. Let me know if anything is still going wrong.
    You have to insert the background image and its palette into some free space, and then change the original pointers for their normal locations in the ROM to point to the locations of your insertions.
    Probablemente. Esa es la gracia de las piezas de codigo en C, que las puedes insertar donde tú quieras para estar seguro de que todo funcione bien con cualquier otra modificación hecha a la ROM.
    uBlock Origin, clickea los iconos "X" cuando te pida instalar una extension y luego clickea en "Download's not working? Click here!" o parecido, salta debajo del boton de "Download now!".
    What OS are you using? Also could you open it up from a terminal and give me an error log?
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