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  • No worries, you're good. I'm currently living in a small city south of Jackson, Mississippi. I was born here but I was raised in New Orleans (around Algiers) until first grade. We moved back to where I currently live and have been here ever since.
    Im not super advanced at technology. Just average. I dont really have an interest in coding or making games, just playing them lol. But its great that you're interested in that industry because workers in tech industry are well paid and the industry is booming as far as I know.

    my dog is scared to death right now because of the thunder xD
    ...and thats why I'm a guy. xD

    ya when i have kids far in the future I'm making sure they are responsible for their behavior, period or not. puberty or not. sleep or not. Virtue is universal.

    anyways speaking of moving out i can't wait until i have the ability to do that. i know its more responsibility and stuff, but i like that.
    ya I'm conservative, just a different kind. Im VERY different from republicans.

    w8 who doesnt like comics and cartoons? teen or not.

    i have a younger sister. I'm 100% convinced she is on her period every day. i walk in the kitchen and see she is baking cookies and I ask for one and i get screaming immediately. And I'm like "i just wanted a cookie"
    you didnt offend me I'm laughing my ass off

    its kinda true tho. Half of my brain is BOOBS and the other is political theory/political economy/economics/politics/etc.

    Except I'm super academic, so thats mostly free time. My free time is eaten up by politics and reading political stuff. But i do love watching anime and reading manga.

    Guess my age real quick before i tell you. xD
    first i want to know why you thought I'm 13 haha. What kind of 13 year old writes political theory essays?
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