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    have you been following the summer glory event? should be pretty interesting!
    Absolutely fantastic read! Enjoyed it immensely
    Hi, sorry about the late reply! But thanks for the support! From you, it means a lot. <33
    Fair enough!

    Thanks! and that sounds pretty damm good, making a team for the Battle Frontier?
    great list of questions btw! Working a loaded shift tomorrow and Friday but I will have all day off Saturday to answer them. Expect a reply this weekend.
    Guess who played Risk the other day at work and was reminded of a German-Italian assault years ago
    She supports a 'movement' that supports violence against people based on skin color. It's an issue with me. It's probably akin to someone backing the Bloods or the Hell's Angels MC. I wouldn't vote for them either... Granted the Hell's Angels are really bad guys but I hope it gets my point across.

    I was just expressing my distaste for her political agenda and her long track history of taking money and forming SPACs with groups that aren't in my best interests.

    At least Trump agrees that the people should vote on whether or not it's acceptable to do so. It finally gives us an out if that winds up being possible. Probably a piped ream, but I'd rather place my bets with someone that didn't accept funds from oil and energy magnates.
    Ahh, just figured I'd make sure since I think the site logged me out the first time I tried to send [either that or i sent it twice by accident :X]
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