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  • I didnt make it "Yourself" made it for me
    I'm going to make a new one, maybe
    I meant okay as in okay you know him.
    Wait you did that just to spite me didn't you. Use my own words against me. My game i on a public hold, everything I have been doing is being kept secret. And you said you loved spriting, and that you are pretty well organized doing a sprite or two.
    I wanted you to sprite for me. Then you refused. You can sprite if you want, I am not pushing it on you. Freelance all you want, no one is stopping you(that is not an insult)
    Ask my friend (Not telling who it is xD, he doesn't want me to)
    It's kk. It's not my idea. But you took my region map graphics D= i wasnt happy with that. They were custom made...
    I will always forgive you. ^_^
    I could make another cool design for you?
    Oh and You stole parts off my region map and I dont care if you scratched them yourself but its my style and i find someone steals or copies it i get quite pissed off. No jokes.
    Do I steal any of you're things? No I don't. I ask for it first and then I wait for an answer. No of yes I don't really care. Please just leave me having my ways its just like stealing kyledove's special tiles. Like him I go psycho about it.

    Sorry if I was a bit a bit harsh I just want my style and my designs. Please don't stop helping me. I'm just quite annoyed that's all. =/
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