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  • thank u for the luvdisc!!!! ( ◜‿◝ )♡ i am always glad to see you back even when its been a while~~
    in fairness, its not like most people read rps theyre not in so you dont really have to worry about people looking at your stuff haha. it does take a certain amount of being okay with imperfection and openminded discussion but i think that tends to come with age so thats nice
    i wasnt confident in it either tbh but then i just uhhhh decided to be and really got into it! im having a lot of fun with my characters and talking about writing with people and running games and such! its a very engaging hobby ♡
    i have always been of that opinion as well and now i am SUFFERING because just out of the blue im allergic to sesame? probably? whatever. we'll find out i guess. in the meantime it is just salad and suffering lmao but at least i can keep writing n stuff
    i have really good muscle memory tbh so i think if i really just sat down with it and played around for a bit, it would come back to me. i'm not worried about that so much as my embrochere (??? idk how to spell it but u kno like your mouth placement and tightening) and having enough lung power. i don't work like i used to you know lmfao
    it really does. like i went to the ER bc my throat swelled up and they threw some allergy pills in me and made me sit for 20 min and didnt even check me to make sure my symptoms were reduced before kicking me out? like hello my breathing was restricted and you're not even gonna check me??
    for real tho, like. I really tried to make an appointment with an allergist on my doctor's recommendation and my doctor's recommendation said "yeah she needs to be tested for things" and they were really like "soooo would it be possible for you to do a phone visit?".... buddy how am I going to do my own blood work. stupid ass

    ugh. I'm just really annoyed because it's been over a month now and I still have no answers even though I've been in to see multiple people- I now have to get into specialists and they're just apparently never in the office? literally I have a rheumatology appointment and the soonest they could schedule me was March 31st like. come on. just go into the office. gods sake
    right? I'm sitting here like bro I don't know what my organs feel like and I can't measure my own blood pressure at home that's why I go in to see somebody??? absolute nonsense. I get it I really do but healthcare is not one of the things that you can do primarily over video especially if it's like... dealing with new and acute symptoms? Like how am I supposed to know if this is normal? or not dangerous?
    yeah they really dont want anyone to come in but for you its like "hello?? this is necessary to make sure i live??" and for me its like "hello?? you actually need to run tests because I might be dying? How the f are you going to do that through a video call my dudes"

    ty (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ i got allergy appt on the 5th so hopefully they figure out what I'm allergic to otherwise I just keep surviving on plain lettuce i guess
    oh god ahaha i haven't played sax since my last year of college...so about five years ago. rip......
    thanks ( ◜‿◝ )♡ if our healthcare systet wasnt utter garbage i would have answers by not but i guess i just gotta survive until i can get appointments
    glad its lookin up~ ty i made it forever ago haha
    ummm lifes been a bit rough recently bc i have been very unwell? was feverish for like a week and then suddenly body was all swelling up and im probably suddenly allergic to some kind of food but also got a test positive for probable autoimmune condition and also i have unexplained tummy hurty disease so ive been.... housebound but not even able to do anything round the house and hardly able to draw or sit at computer :(
    ahhh ty <3333 ive been getting way better this year but i havent been drawing very consistently this month so im afraid imma lose it again :( i have a list of pokemon im tryna do but i also just really wanna draw my rp characters again haha

    also ignore the three notifications or whatever u get when i edit things... mobile webpage was VERY confusing for me at 12am apparently
    you probably did LOL i think i had another one of those weird edutainment game songs thrown in somewhere. rip childhood...and cd roms lol
    i'm a carrot an orange root i'm a carrot SWEET AS FRUIT!!! i'm a carrot!!!! let me emphasize i'm a carrot!!!! good for the eyes!!! carrot, carrot, have me for dinner some tiiiiiime
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