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  • Joss Whedon and JK Rowling are my Gods! I go to church every Tuesday (because at the Church of Whedon and Rowling, Tuesday is the day of worship in commemoration of the fact that Buffy used to air on Tuesdays) and pray before their totems that they shall soon grace us with new material to feast upon. You should join me sometime!

    also LMFAO @ the picture. That is ****ing hilarious omg. That is like our picture now. Some people have a song, we have a picture :P
    Yes, they do. Tall guys are hot, girls like to be the shorter one lol. The leopard print thong might be a bit much on second thought, but some sort of manly underwear would suffice :P - unfortunately if I gave you any more advice it would undermine your reason to buy my upcoming book - I have to think about my profit margin!

    FIREFLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I never actually watched that show, but I did watch and love Serenity haha - and I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon's other work. I'm the biggest fan you will ever meet of Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse lol) and what is a wizarding lightsabre?! I have no interest in Star Wars but I will duel you to the death in a Harry Potter match! XD

    Yes, shyness is cute. Shyness is freaking adorable. Like, you have no idea. Nerdy and shy are the new sexy. I tend to gravitate toward shy guys because they tend to be cuter and sweeter than the others lol.

    I read this when I got up this morning but I didn't have time to reply because of my IKEA day! haha

    The fact that you are male makes being freakishly tall a good thing, most definitely. In addition to unscrewing lightbulbs for the girls, you can reach things on high shelves or give them hugs (for some reason, girls get off on hugging guys that are taller than them. Makes them feel safe? I don't even know). If you wish to increase your impressiveness, you should do this while wearing nothing but a leopard-print thong, or if you are shy, at least with nothing on the top half of your body. This is my advice on how to impress girls... spoken by a gay man who has no interest in them :P

    Fanboyish - it seems you have met your match good sir! Except I don't lose interest! If you started me talking about TV shows or movies, you'd find out just how many I am obsessed with and you'd walk away thinking what a loser I am XD

    I'm also the same with music. I have like 100 songs in my iTunes, and they're all so wildly varied that I couldn't pin down a genre if you begged me lol. And shyness is cute, you shouldn't give that up lol

    OMG. That video is so frikkin' amazing haha - I watched it and then I posted it on Facebook to the two friends I IKEA'd with today and then I went to the video of the original song and played that about five times and before you know it's half an hour later and I still haven't finished writing this VM lmao

    EDIT: Also, I very nearly bought that freakish green lamp they show at 1:30 and 1:48 in that video today lmao.
    Haha don't worry, I know the feeling - this time last year when I'd just joined I was exactly the same. What else are you freakishly? XD

    And yeah, life is good. I'm spending the day at IKEA today because... why not? :P
    Indeed! I was going to PM you about that separately, but I might as well ask you now: do you wish to keep your Supporter Tier or donate it to a friend? Either or is perfectly fine, and winners in the past have done both, so there's no 'right' thing to do. Oh, and congratulations on winning, as well. :D
    OMG please do the Zuul thing. It makes me think of the NES Ghostbusters game where AVGN reviewed it and the Empire State Building was called "The Zuul" and he was like "okay so Zuul bought out the building" and it makes me laugh. A lot. lol
    They do, but I think it had to do with the size. I mean, it's obviously huge lol. I'm gonna go with she can't spell. :) /doesn't like Taylor Swift

    Nah, you can have one, although I think the size of member profile pics are limited to 130x130 (I might be thinking of avatars though). In the user CP, there's an option that says "edit profile picture" under the heading "your profile" so BAM! And it should have the size limitations listed when you click that option.
    Ew don't tell me Taylor Swift has anything to do with it lol. Thanks! I didn't make either of them though. I wanted the Eevee to be my avatar a while back, but it didn't animate when I tried. Profile pic was the only way it'd work haha.
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