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  • That's alright, but yeah there was a time where supporters and mods did get easily confused. Hence why the former became green. And yeah thanks for the friend invite!
    Those are some very cool jobs, i hope you get there one day!!
    Lawyer is a very interesting career choice, but you really have to commit to it
    Aw yeah soprry, forgot to explain: I am an actual college student, but its some type of special program, where i spend 3 months in class learning stuff, and then 3 months in an office learning how to work and all that. Kinda complicated, always takes me effort to explain it properly.
    So right now im in a work/internship phase untuil April the 11th.

    I study economics, but first i went to law school for 3 semesters.
    Do you know what you want to be in your professional future?
    lol I'm not a mod yet... but I was once mistaken for one by a new user back when supporter usernames were blue.
    Haha well that happens from time to time!! Im a student like you, so basically i dont earn a living yet xD
    Interesting choices! I recently did a Nuzlocke without signing up for it on a thread, was a lot of fun!
    Ill probably join your randomized nuzlocke once i finish any of the other challenges im currently doing!
    Haha im glad you do. I thought it sounded better than kust Killer :P
    Sounds good, im still stuck at work, cant wait to be done -.-
    What challenges are you taking part in?
    You definitely should!! You'll have a great time and learn a lot, not only about the language and culture, but about yourself and life ;)
    Haha awesome idea, that would make it easier for me to visit you as well :P
    The USA is a pretty cool and interesting place, ive spent a year as exchange student there.
    Thats awesome, its always nice to hear those kind of things when learning a foreign language
    Aw ok you are pretty young then :p What are you studying?
    21 is pretty cool, althugh after 18/19 it at feels kinda the same haha
    i guess things will change around 25 or so again
    I love to chat as well :) Thats cool, especially the plane costume sounds original! And how the heck does someone dress up as Viagra?? In all blue? xD
    Did you dress up as anything?
    That sounds like a really good reason to celebrate!!
    What kind of costumes do people usually wear?
    Sorry if im annoying you with all these questions, if i am, just say so
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