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    You should try to find colors that look well together, make sure you don't mix black and dark blue, but a bright blue and black look better. And you don't want colors that mix, it's difficult to see text when it's a similar color to the background.
    It's driving me mad. The quote in your sig sounds really familiar but I can't remember. What's it from?
    Thanks! I had to work to find this theme. I guess my perfectionism paid off for once. :P
    Then you should be more careful about how you word things, okay? Based on how your post is read that is the way it is read.
    You cut Pikachu into pieces and threw it into a dumpster.
    I've heard that theory before. And Venonat does share some similarties with Butterfree. But I think that Game Freak decided that, because Venonat is a mothball, it'd make more sense to have it evolve into a moth rather than a butterfly.
    Personally, I'm glad that Fennekin's final evolution became Fire/Psychic, though the design could've been better.

    Chespin, on the other hand, is my least favourite Kalos starter, because it looks weird and doesn't deserve more love than Froakie. But that's my opinion.
    You know, I loved Froakie ever since it was revealed, but back then, I couldn't choose between it and Fennekin. But when Fletchling, Talonflame, and Litleo came out, I became more inclined to pick Froakie. And when Frogadier was revealed, I officially decided that it would be my starter.
    Ah, I understand. I do like the Lotad line, but you seemed so obsessed with it.

    Anyway, glad you like my Venusaur picture. Venusaur is my favourite Kanto starter, and my favourite Grass starter, too.
    Hey there, saw your post about Sacred Gold. You should be able to defeat all the Team Rocket guys without Strength. Where are you having the problem exactly?
    I agree with dragonomega here. (Even though it's Staraptor)

    Still, your spelling is bugging me a little. Please try to be more respectful to the English language next time you post.
    Sorry but this is bugging me, your spelling Starator wrong, Signature and your user title.
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