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  • I won't be joining sadly because I'm in like fifty RPs now, but I'm happy to have ReBurst back. I do like ReBurst and it's derpy lotad mascot xD
    Speaking of ridiculously late replies... I've been doing well! I finished off my first semester of university with some surprisingly good grades. I have been less active on here obviously, but I always find my way back.
    Basically, in order to not get kicked out you need to have a pass rate of at least 50% (mine was over 50%). But, the people who handle my enrolments screwed up twice and lost my enrolment/put me in the wrong place which resulted in me only doing two units this year - both of which I failed (even though I shouldn't have) giving me a fail rate of 100% for this year. That's what I made of what the people said anyway.

    An RPT regular, he wasn't around when you were RPing last. Time & Space sounds vaguely familiar, I just can't place it xD
    I hate university lmao
    The latest list of things they've done wrong is kick me out for no good reason because of a technicality that's only valid because of their screw ups.

    I don't remember Time & Space but ReBurst was always really popular, I know aeternum would jump at the chance to join that. Can't wait to see them started up!
    You should never over do it xD
    Aside from that, how's college treating you?

    Which one?
    So, I'm leaving Pokecommunity. It breaks my heat to say so, and I feel that a little part of me is dying. But real life just gave me the finger, and I have to get ready college and stuff. I just don't have the time or energy to roleplay. I you guys aren't mad at me. I felt I had to say some personal goodbyes, so yeah...Thanks for everything.

    Hey, man. It's been a long time since Time and Space. I mean, it's been like three years. But it's been an awesome three years, yeah? Maybe I'll be back so we can cause some more havoc! It's been awesome, Vato/EB/Chalifoux. Stay dandy, baby!

    Until we meet again!
    I don't know if you still remember who I am, but I just wanted to say Hi, and ask how everything's going in the realm of life.
    but rika gave me a reason without knowing she did for coming out of the blue. huzzah!

    lowercase letters are nice too, although little. they need a boost. poor guys

    Not this trendy young person! except this young person is not trendy, send help I'm a nerd actually please don't I quite like it
    Hey hey, I'm getting ready to launch an RP called Time Police and in it I'm taking some currently running as well as already completed RPs and changing certain things in them and allowing RPers the ability to play through the worlds that other GMs have created without bothering them about spots or reviving/creating a sequel to it as well as playing characters that normally wouldn't be allowed in RPs, getting new people interested in RPing etc etc. So I was wondering if you'd be alright with me using Pokemon ReBURST ReBOOT as one of the RPs available for exploration? And if you'd like to have some say in how or what is changed then that is perfectly fine as well.
    You're a smart guy, you'll do fine in college as long as you can get yourself to chill a bit and not become too stressed to function. :P

    My life is going okay, in the months since we last spoke its been in varying degrees of awesome and terrible. Got a fair bit going on right now though and I'm back at uni at the end of this month so I've been pretty busy.
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