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  • When do you want to play for PCL? Any day should be okay for me. Preferably from noon to 9 p.m. EDT, but I'm flexible.
    ahhhh week 1 of PCL and you're my opponent X)

    for scheduling, weekend is definitely best for me. within that general area, i am *extremely* flexible with times. anything particularly enticing for you day/time-wise?

    looking forward to it!
    I'll consider it, I think I need to spend some time playing a bit first. I have little to no idea what the meta is like.

    Yep, I'll check those out. Cheers.
    @replays, search "cockgnaw guy" and you'll see g2 and g3 (forgot to record g1 but i played like poopoo so w/e). g2 is my win though i kind of haxed him, but i thought i played well actually (and yeah gyroing his celebi aimlessly was gonna stop before i ran out of pp i was trying to see how conservatively he played to get torn-t in, not sure that was the best idea tho lol), but yeah despite that it was solid.

    g3 i have so many regrets. first, the team i brought while it had a nice matchup had been tested in literally a single battle but i didn't want to bring #KOBESYSTEM again (lost g1 anyway) and very spontaneously rolled the dice. until the end, i actually thought i outplayed him - in particular, i thought he was really clumsy with ttar and i knew i just needed to maim it since i had no rock resists (oops) and knew gengar could run the table on him if i killed it. the choke came when it was torn-t vs lando late game - that should have been a mamo sack to get gengar in and sweep, such that if lo recoil killed gar or there was an unexpected bulky celebi (!!!), tornadus-t could clean it up. so yeah even is landorus predicted a mamo switch-in who cares, gengar could mop it once i knocked it off and as much as the hurricane miss was bs, i critted him in g2 and had the game won. so i'm not thrilled about that. but for my first legit high-stakes match (if you count round 1 of a big tour as such), i'm not too disappointed. i have noticed that i botch endgames a lot though, and even though that's been my focus laddering, it's just something i don't have a good sense of. as you can see, haha.

    i'm on uk time now but i'm cure i'll catch you on sometime within the next few days, though saturday i'll be on vacation for the week in the low countries so i won't be on at all, jsyk, but will be on before.

    (also sry for the semi rant about the choke but i haven't adequately vented in detail about it. feels good tbh. :x)
    hey mate you're on, you going for mmeta reqs? i saw you don't want it banned (boooo i hate this this) but i'm a hardcore clefable addict so maybe that's why. i've been laddering with mega slowbro (who is such a bs mon btw) but i need a better team around it.

    also been following your spl matches gl etc. though i still have no idea how spl actually works besides "it can stir up tele in olt level drama" lol. even so have enjoyed your (and the others') replays, though idr who was using pikachu belle but i had a hard time even believing that one made an appearance haha.

    at any rate you should pop on the server sometime, i'm pseudo-back (shitton of free time abroad, more than i know what to do with lol) and would love to talk. oh yeah, i did manage to choke g3 of my ost match and lose which was a shame but i tend to choke so yolo. (also, the match i did win was with mega altaria. special mega altaria, you were quite right, is nice, actually really tough to switch into. that's p much all i see now as well cause "ddd" or w/e is ass-ass-ass :x)
    i see sableye a lot like clef but its utility comes in different ways. if i had to do s rank it'd be metagross, sableye, clefable, and landorus-t. in particular, i like the splashable mons, and as much as clef's stats suck, the thing is easily one of the most dangerous tanks in pokemon. it's like a throwback to adv suicune/snorlax. yikessss.

    i am definitely in the minority in the pro quake crowd, gotta beat them opposing mmetas x_x

    have you used diancie? i'm v curious about its function
    i think stuff tends to get bandwagoned, even if it's justified. i feel like the best example of this was actually mawile, who sat in a rank (not even a+) for some time and then suddenly it was the most broken thing in existence. and it was quite broken, but it needed momentum to get that consideration. lol @ megatar being ranked ahead of it for a long-ass time x_x so if that's what you mean then i can see what you mean, though i also think it's a very legit s-rank (though i think, because its impact on the meta is really unique, i would be really hard pressed to want it out. whereas metagross is op mega sweeper z, we've had a million of them lol and and steels are everywhere already, etc.)

    speaking of meta, if you're a stall or semistall player, it won't hurt you much. i ran it with pursuit and i dont think a lati ever did damage to a member that wasn't metagross lol, but my coverage was kinda ass so it was def a tradeoff. anecdotal exp tells me that stabs/eq/grass knot is your best bet since it's not like landorus-t and even gliscor to some extent like taking tough claw stab mashes, and i don't like hammer arm cause speed drop and ferro is a very easy mon to lure anyway and iron barbs/potentially rocky helmet compromises its best asset, bulk. (that's my prob with it: its offensive checks need boosted attacks to KO through it, so you usually have to sack something or hope they suck at using it, never good.) it's so freaking good lol.

    gard does bait meta but it's also a very nice tool against sableye! though there are a lot of good fairies now. in particular, curious about m diancie. seems lowkey awesome but idk yet.
    stallbreak mew is a nice comp, though in fairness it has a little more versatility (mew is only gonna be sweeping shit like lazily built xy sand offense that can't break down anything). i think mega metagross is a lot more egregious--utterly impossible to teambuild around, and once people get more creative about pressuring its thin list of checks (assuming this is already happening since the near conclusion of the gren test has made the mmeta op bandwagon rightfully pick up some steam) i think that shit's outta here. not hugely broken, and can struggle a lot w/ stall builds, but man -_- i just could not adequately teambuild against it without making my team unbearably passive pls ban :x
    yeah i actually ran sab/talon a bit when i first tried out oras on the ladder, unfortunately the ladder is spammed with landt/rotomw/heatran and/or ferro/sometimes a lati balance cores that are p easy to counterteam to really cockblock talon (was running sd beak) p hard, so i found it a little underwhelming. sab is a champ though obviously, though i definitely don't wanna jump on the "let's ban it" bandwagon cause i think its kinda op but tbh so is SR/maybe even spikes and balancing that out doesn't bug me much. cm is impossible to take down though, though not anymore than clefable so w/e.

    as for altaria sorry i just needed to let out my building frustrations lol but tbh i see it more in the b+/a- zone cause i think it has nice utility, but i view it a little bit like xy mega tyranitar in perception or a poor man's mega venusaur (actually rly solid atm) in practice, a potentially good gluemon for a balance build but i'm not sold on it. its "versatility" is bs too, its coverage is all the same so a lot of the same stuff walls it anyway, i ran megasaur some and could switch it in no matter the set, and even something like clef or m sciz is a fine initial switch and you can softboiled a hyper voice off later or scout a fire blast. idk.
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