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  • who said you could be the owl

    are you now simon cowell

    wait he was the king of the beavers
    I'm usually fine with 3 glasses of red wine ugh. I guess it was really good wine aha.
    So I found out on the way there that it wasn't a wake, the guys mother died and he was throwing a party in her memory. It was at this super ritzy social club so it was super cool and I drank too much. My head hurts ;-;
    Good question??? They keep calling it a wake, but I heard yesterday it's going to be at his favorite bar. I have noooo idea ;_;
    Springfield, so about 4 hours away from St. Louis. Gonna go there for some Cardinals games, though!

    Ahh makes sense. I'm sure you'll get it ;)
    No that's where I moved to haha. I moved from Florida owo

    Oh yay, good to know you're feeling better! What's your main uni?
    Guess I should have looked at our 25 PAGES OF VMS. I'm good! Moved across the country, and now I'm starting up college again soon. Howre you?
    well if you can get up here maybe I will

    it's got heated seats and a leather interior because of those heated seats

    you can't do what i do
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