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  • Oh, did she? xD Hah. Well I didn't lie. & The girl from my signature and avatar is from a video game. :3
    I have no clue. Graphics is my poor suit.

    Drew is so not a girl. What kind of woman has the name, Drew?
    You mean, do I know how to draw chibi art? o.o If so, I'm not too good at that. xD

    & Yeah, I'm a girl. :3
    I have never even heard of that, lol. Then again, I probably haven't heard of many languages.
    Lol, that sounds like a few of 'em XD What I hate is trying to find the ones I wanna watch online >> About half the time, they don't have subs...which I obviously need XD
    Lol, nice. Truthfully I only really watch ones with John in 'em. Possibly Hrithik Roshan too though. I've actually seen quite a few with John in it...though in at least four of them he dies at the end -.-
    Haha, I know. I own both of them XD My parents think I'm psycho for buying movies "from other countries" but whatever. I mean, I bought it on amazon.com from some company in like...well, the US. But my mom doesn't get why I'd want a movie like that, heh. I also bought Karam.
    Lol, no I'm not. My...uhm...now acquaintance is Indian though (she was born in US) and she got me hooked on Dhoom and he was in it. So now I've watched quite a few movies and I really like John Abraham =) Along with his personality and such too, that's why I like him. Although he cut his hair, lol. But anyway, nope I'm not Indian XD
    They don't have every single Pokemon. And if you have a problem with Libra, you should probably bring that question to him.
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