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  • Just keep an eye on things, try adding lots of descriptive details to posts.

    Perhaps too much time in the most eccentric RP Corner on the planet? haha :D
    If you'd still like to apply for Odyssey, you're free to do so, there's one spot open.

    Your last post in PSC2 was a bit short, you should watch out for things like that or you'll incur the wrath of the almighty mods. (too dramatic? xD)
    Just to, you know, give a reminder... Your reservation in Dreams & Nightmares is ending tomorrow. Hurry up a bit if you want Totodile, three SUs are almost accepted (one already) and if any of them wants Totodile, I would be forced to give the baby croc.
    Like I said, I'm not the leader, and he hasn't been active for a month, so the project is paused until his return. And I don't know if you can post your story, either.
    I'm not the leader of Team Epic. The leader is Acecaldwell and he has been inactive for more than a month. I don't know what's gonna happen unless he comes back.
    I think you wrote your post, interacted with yourself, then didn't answer your own question. (As in, I can't post with an answer from your character)
    Also don't take control of characters if they are not yours (the term for it is bunnying, and it is frowned upon) just for future reference.
    It's all good just post in the other one. I've sent a message to Skymin to see if she can move the original back.
    Kanea, you just tried to reserve a spot in the long dead original version of PSC. The one you want has V2 on the end of it.
    I have no idea what is going on right now I'm afraid. We are both waiting on the other two active players to post and their is really nothing I can do to hurry them up.
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