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Chr. Draco
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  • Okay. Good luck to you, my shiny hunting companion.

    And yeah, I was so prepared because I'm very particular about catching shinies in Master Balls. I just don't think it looks good when all of your legendary shinies are captured in Master Balls because it makes them look hacked. Furthermore, it's rather anti-climactic to search so long for something, then to just throw a Master Ball to catch it instantly. I feel like it would take part of the excitement out of shiny hunting.

    Of course, if you're facing the shiny and it has 1 HP and it's about to use Struggle...then you better believe I'm chucking a Master Ball! :p
    Well, I doubt that I will get another shiny for a while. I can only SR on the weekends, and I have two major projects due in the next couple of weeks, so I need to focus on finishing those before I do any SRing.

    My target would be Uxie. I'll race you, but it probably won't be a fun race, considering I won't be SRing much. :p

    And Shaymin was an absolutely joke to catch. I had my shiny Breloom with False Swipe and Spore. Shaymin couldn't heal itself through Leech Seed, Magical Leaf didn't do much damage, and Defense Curl was useless. It hardly got to use Synthesis because it was asleep a majority of the time, due to my Spore's 100% accuracy. All in all, I had no trouble catching my shiny Shaymin.
    Yes, it must be! I probably won't get another shiny for a while now, lol...as for Shaymin, it months of off and on SRing to shine.
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