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  • I don't have CC (Or a PSP for that matter), but I do know what happens at the end. RIP Zack :'(

    I prefer to call her Aerith but I like her anyways, tragic how she dies. Nice avatar.
    20th... That would be 2017? As long as it's a faithful remake with none of the CC subplots then I'll be fine with it.

    It's a draw between Cloud, Vincent and Sephiroth.
    I had so many pokemon games it isnt even funny o_o I had...

    Stadium 1 and 2
    Puzzle League
    Hey You Pikachu
    Silver and Crystal
    Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire
    Pokemon Pinball 1 and 2
    Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
    Pokemon Rangers and Rangers: Shadows of Alima
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue and Darkness
    Pokemon Trozei
    Pokemon Dash
    Pokemon Battle Revolution
    and My Pokemon Ranch

    -takes a deep breathe- Yep I got a lot o_o And soon I will have XD and Colosseum
    I'm mainly getting Heart Gold due to the fact I got Silver originally d: I found Silver in a box when I was moving and I was like, wtf? I never bought Silver? Oh well. I turned it on, it had no badges and a Charizard, Ivysaur, and Wartourtle with no names. Extra wtf o:
    Aha, I hate when that happens.

    I'm thinking of getting both if I get a lot of money from Christmas, but if not, I will most likely get Hear Gold despite of the "Heart" in it. And you?
    Haha, that must have sucked. My mom got pulled over for speeding too. Luckily we didn't get a ticket for it.
    Yep, my mom got pulled over on our way there d: The cop thought she was hiding something in the backseat under the blanket. Turned out, it was me d:
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