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  • Whoa, you use it competitively? I'm impressed!

    I have a shiny Cherubi but I kind of want my first shiny Cherrim to be one I hatched/caught myself... so I haven't evolved my traded one yet. :[
    That's weird. :( It should never be taken off people. Wonder how it happened.

    I think I see why you got it in the first place so back it goes!
    Katherine is my favorite character, shes so badass. She hasnt been seen since the beginning of season 3 though. She won't be coming back anytime soon though, there was an interview and someone asked if shed be in season 4 and they replied that she wont be around until Klaus is not longer a threat
    I think the name of the series is what turns a lot of people off to the show. The name kind of makes it seems like its a girly show, but its not. In fact, there is a lot of blood and gore. Does twilight have that? NO. By the way, Elena and Stefan haven't written in their diaries since season one, so the name of the show kind of annoys me because of that haha.

    And I have not read the books, but I hear its supposed to be different. Not drastically, but some changes with characters and plot. I know that between the show and the books they altered the originals alot. I think there was another sister.
    Thank you!

    TVD is amazing. I love it. I have all three seasons on DVD because im obsessed. Season 4 is awesome so far, but omg, my poor Rebekah </3
    Ha, not fighting a non-restriction battle anymore, eh? Hm. I'll have to change my items then.
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