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  • I think a cookie is needed for these situations.
    Nyuuu! I forgot about Cherubi, where will the Cherubiception come from now, 50 cent has already called Mudkip.
    Oh, I see. I didn't know we didn't require the knowledge of scripting for events. I saw people learning scripting for ROM hacks and all so I just assumed we did, haha. But I'll still try to learn scripting a bit because I really like customizing things. Even though it sounds kinda hard. ;; How much time did it take you to learn scripting and the intricacies of game development, though?

    Also, I really appreciate you extending a helping hand. Thank you so much. But I have exams coming up in the next few months so I probably won't be able to do anything. Though yeah, as soon as I'm free, I'll call for your help. <3;
    Hi Cilerba. As a person who never got into Game Development but has a keen interest in it, I'd like to ask - how many months on an average does a person need to spend on learning the tools of programs like RMXP and programming languages like Ruby in order to make a basic game? I know it is subjective and depends on how much the person is interested in but..yeah, I hope an approximate answer can be given, no? :p
    Also, this serves as an attempt to start up a conversation as well. :D
    I KNOW I dunno why some people don't like it D: I've never played the old Paper Marios so I have nothing to really compare it to though
    Wonderful, now I got 20 minutes before midnight and I'm doing some final debugs before the release. Nothing with "release the thread on the 23rd" but more "yes, please now". Anyway, thanks for your consideration.
    The 'Downloadable Thread' is a great idea.
    But, it seems odd, that Skyblaze has way more screenshots that the other games, who only have 2 screenshots.
    Thanks Cilerba! This will really help those visiting the forums casually compared to those interested in development.
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