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  • Oh, and I totally forgot to mention that Number 73: Abyss Splash and Number C73: Abyss Supra Splash can be pretty dang good if you're running Quick Chaos! Abyss Splash can also be used to summon Crystal Zero Lancer during emergencies, but it's more fun to chain Quick Chaos if the opponent targets Abyss Splash for whatever reason. xD Or if you just want an extra attack. :P
    Ah, I see! Regarding Sea Lord's Amulet, I would not recommend that card at all. It's way too situational in today's metagame, and you need to activate it preemptively... without the ability to chain it. Effect destruction has become significantly less popular since bouncing to the hand and/or other non-destructive removal is incredibly easy nowadays. The card would have been better if it also prevented battle destruction, except it doesn't. =(

    And yup, if you have room for Crystal Zero Lancer, then go for it! The Lancer form can be summoned through Freezerdon as a generic engine, but I'd rather use Number 94 as the base if you're playing with WATER monsters. (Lucky for you, Dinomist seems to be WATER, haha.) That way, you can benefit from the ATK-halving effect before you summon Lancer. xD

    Lol, I'm quite surprised that Fiendish still sees play. xD Then again, having a choice to use that card to stop attacks or negate effects (or even both!) can come in handy sometimes, heh.
    Hi there! Sorry for the super late response!

    Ah, are you planning on building a Shark deck, then? The decklist I've been using is SOMEWHAT recent... about 2015 to 2016-ish (but Sharks almost never get new cards anyway haha), so I'd say the key monsters are still up to date, but the generic staples (like Fiendish Chain) might not. :P

    A few important things to note about this deck: As you might be aware, this deck is a very casual deck, so it probably won't score good results against more competitive archetypes. Furthermore, I'm guessing the new Extra Deck rules have most likely killed this deck's playability. I actually haven't tested that prediction yet, so maybe Sharks might work better with Link Monsters than I expected? Regarding playstyle, this deck relies a lot on Bahamut Shark to bring out Full Armored Black Ray Lancer, and Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force is important for its ability to turn almost any Rank 4 into a C101. Whenever you have a chance to use Saber Shark, summoning Crystalzero Lancer is usually a pretty good option, as it is a bulky boss monster with some self-protection. While the boss monsters aren't the most powerful, this deck is actually surprisingly consistent (for an old casual deck anyway), so hopefully you'd have fun if you do decide to pick up this deck!

    Anyway, here's what I've got:

    I'll get back to you with all of the card names later since it'll take me a while to type that up, but for now, I'll name the most important cards in the deck:

    Double Fin Shark (x3)
    Silent Angler (x3)
    Beautunaful Princess (x3)
    Tin Goldfish (x2 - x3)
    Saber Shark (x2)
    Summoner Monk (x2)

    Optional: Aqua Spirit (x1), Xyz Remora (x1), Mermaid Shark (x1), Wind-Up-Shark (x3)

    One for One (x1, or more if the banlist changed)
    Salvage (x2)
    Instant Fusion (x1 - x3)
    Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force (x3)
    Rank-Up-Magic Quick Chaos (x0 - x2)
    Rank-Up Magic - The Seventh One (x0 - x1)

    Any Level 4 Fusion Monsters of your choice (x1 - x2)
    Any Rank 3 WATER Xyz Monsters of your choice (x2)
    Bahamut Shark (x1 - x2)
    Full Armored Black Ray Lancer (x1 - x2)
    Abyss Dweller (x0 - x1)
    Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark (x1 - x2)
    Number 101: Silent Honor ARK (x2)
    Number C101: Silent Honor DARK (x2)
    Number C69: Heraldry Crest of Horror (x0 - x1)
    Number 94: Crystalzero (x1)
    Full Armored Crystalzero Lancer (x1)

    I've also been testing a build with three Wind-Up Sharks, but I'm not 100% sure if I would recommend it yet. It sometimes work pretty well with Beautunaful Princess, at least! Also, I'm not sure if there have been any new Extra Deck staples lately that can help this deck. This one is pretty awesome, though:


    ^It can literally give you Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One for free if you summon it off of Bahamut... and even better, it still works when it gets detached from Full Armored Black Ray Lancer's protection effect!
    Glad to hear! I'm looking forward to having the next beta out real soon =]
    That must the thing then..
    well its as easy as map, insert tiles and so on..
    just be sure to backup your rom and simply do experiments with the rom... it will probably give you better understand by yourself and create an easier learning platform for you.. so try it yourself once.. if still you get problem pls feel ok to message me.. I am always ready to help out :)
    Yeah, it is a very bad habit of ours. Wouldn't hurt to try. I mean this only like what our 12th attempt? haha
    Actually, I'm also considering it. Perhaps we could join up and see what we can come up with?

    I don't even remember my Skype, I can't even tell you how many accounts I've made and actually managed to remember the log-in details. Facebook and PC and my number (also changes often) is normally the way to contact me. PC because I still consider a home. Even if I have no friends. haha
    Oh! Thank you! Well, I can see that you're not really a spriter, but thank you for the effort!
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