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  • oh yeah im pretty sure they do. i aint there yet in life so i am stuck paying the 10 =[
    i bet there r gonna be like seventy leven download mirrors, lol. i just fork down 10 bucks a month for apple music and i die inside every time that automatic payment hits but its worth it for me
    OF COURSE I CRY EVEYR TIME I HEAR IT also Redbone is the smoothest shit ive ever heard
    Of Course

    hes one of my top ever..... legit everything he does is gold........ his acting his writing his comedy his music i cannot understand how a human being like him exists
    I am good! I'd say I am tackling life with relative ease at this very moment... How's life treating you?
    damn at least it wasn't an essay. that one had me contemplating life for about an hour lmao.

    and like, fast charging can charge your phone in about 20 or 30 minutes compared to the normal amount of time which is usually like, an hour or so. but again, i hate it because it straight up murked my overall battery life. when i first got the 5 i could go about 2 and a half days without needing to charge and now i gotta charge it every 20 or so hours. it sucks.

    nah i just change my name like....idk really. if the wind blows the wrong way i might change it to something else lol. guess i'm getting my money's worth though. i really like their hoodies but nike wants like $79 a pop for one and that's for just like, a basic hoodie. thats also why they're losing me, they have no reason to charge that high for this stuff when you could get the same product from a different brand for less. it's just the logo.

    saba has done a lot of stuff with chance, and noname has as well. well, all three of them have, and it's probably because of him they're getting so much more exposure now. it's good though, because all of them are great artists and need some recognition.
    it doesnt matter if u listened to solo or nights those r the best on the album
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