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  • más o menos
    estoy estudiándolo en la escuela y estoy sacando buenas notas~
    y tengo amigos que hablan español y puedo charlar con ellos
    literally what i am so confused
    i must've had yours and daniils' pages open at the same time and mixed you two up? ??
    i swear i would never mix you two up </3
    hope real life is treating you well nonetheless<3
    what's this for again? I don't remember the question anymore :)
    But congrats on your solution!
    If this is what you're talking about,I'm just saying since you're born in 2000,you don't have to worry about forgetting how old you are,lol.
    No problem.Besides,I'm not even worrying or feeling anxious about it.It is your hack,not mine.Whenever it is ready,I can help beta test.It's okay.
    You don't have to worry about forgetting how old you are lol.
    Thanks for the info.Hope to hear more soon.
    Thanks for that.What is the current progress up to?

    We just play through your game and give opinions for the level curves?Sounds great.
    Hey I'm interested in creating a rom hack application, not as fancy as what you've done, but something simple for my final project for computer science and I was curious as to how you read the rom file using java and how you are able to access the data and manipulate it
    So how do I help?Do I just suggest it over here?
    Do you need help balancing difficulty/level curves in your hack?
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