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  • Yeah it is great. It's a girl lol
    We decided on Jaina Evelyn Mattiello ... lol I pulled Jaina from world of Warcraft and Evelyn so I can call her Eevee haha. Wife likes the name that's all that matters lol she found out eventually though but I got away with it lol.
    That's awesome man TV production sounds fun, do they make a lot of videos and stuff or is it like learning about cameras or what?
    And yeah man there's always more goldeen in the sea lol
    That's good you're doing well in school though just keep that up and you'll have yourself that scholarship and be on your way
    I'll be on the IRC in a few days flying back tomorrow and then I'll get readjusted and head on to talk
    I'm currently in Greece lol just finished my deployment and soon I'll be home. The pregnancy is going well from what I know. She is six months pregnant now and I will see her pregnant for the first time in a few days! In regard to Pokemon, I have caught four Greek Pokemon on Pokemon go lol. Discovery is well and I've made major progress but I've also been busy this past run so not quite ready for a beta but good enough for a preview if you wanna when I get back. How are you doing, friend? How is life and the grades? Still working towards that scholarship?!
    Well, that's one way to look at things lmao
    I'm glad it didn't hit Miami though, still kinda sucks for the other parts of the state that were wrecked though
    Ok gracias jaja xD y para los evs, como se hace ya que me dice que para ivs es 0 y que para evs es 0 jaja xD eso me confunde, no sera que para ivs es 0 y para evs es 1
    El como aplicarlo, lo que pasa es que me es complicado ya que no dejo muy bien explicado el como usarlo, o bueno eso pienso yo, mi scripts es este pero no queda bien:

    #dynamic 0x900000

    #org @start
    setvar 0x8003 0x1
    setvar 0x8004 0x0
    callasm 0x8CAE001
    setvar 0x8005 0x1F
    setvar 0x8006 0x1F
    setvar 0x8007 0x1F
    setvar 0x8008 0x1F
    setvar 0x8009 0x1F
    setvar 0x800A 0x1F
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