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    I would cry :'(

    She will never do that though ;D
    The revised one still has issues. Notice how some areas, such as the top of the head fin, the neck fin, and the outline of the fins on its jaw looks pretty jaggy and not smooth in comparison to the original. I would also prefer it if I could see the 64x64 border.
    Not really, koff~

    I wish I did though. It'd be great if I could draw like that and do all the computer pieces and such, but I don't really have enough time in the day to practice drawing. I've started to doodle again, so maybe in the future. Thanks for asking, koffi~
    That still doesn't change the fact that it's a terrible move. Ambipom has a wide move pool and the last slot really needs a coverage move to be put there. If I were you, I'd check Ambipom's Smogon articles.
    Link won't work.

    Also, Technician is the SUPERIOR ability for Ambipom. The only multi-hit move it gets to abuse Skill Link is Fury Swipes, which is terrible.
    Why would you use Giga Impact in competitive play? It's a terrible move. It makes you a sitting duck the next turn, making you unable to attack or switch out. What makes this worse is that Ambipom has bad defenses. Return, heck even Technician-boosted Double Hit, outclass Giga Impact horribly. Hyper Beam-style moves are terrible to use competitively for that reason alone.
    Oh, okay, thanks xD kinda interesting that so many people would know about it. I guess it's kind of like Youngster Joey's Rattata in popularity. lol
    I did that too for a while... It's not the worst thing in the world, I guess. I used to blank out and just let my mind wander.

    Anyways, I'm glad things went okay for you! Hopefully she gets more and more used to the idea -- my parents weren't happy about it at first, but now we joke about it, my dad calls me the family "heathen", haha.
    Hey, I saw your post in the advice thread about wanting to talk to your mom about not believing in God. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever want to talk about that more, feel free to PM me -- I was raised Catholic but have considered myself an atheist most of my life. Anyways, hope things are going a bit better for you with your mom!
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