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  • :o
    Are you still on Hiragana or have you moved onto Katakana? I have they are pretty easy to master if you practice them in a notebook over and over. It's also pretty good caligraphy practice. ;D
    I think to balance out Sonic's final smash is to also make his movements slippery, so it would be harder to control, aswell make it possible to fly off the screen to certain death. XD

    Hmm, I'm not sure sweetie, I gotta check that one out myself, I don't play as Lucario as much.

    Comparing Ike's canon Fire Emblem counterpart is like comparing Ness's canon EarthBound counterpart. XD Ness NEVER used PK Starstorm, PK Fire, and PK Thunder and PSI Magnet. Also I thought Roy fans hate for the fact he replaced Roy. XD

    I heard Tetra/Toon Zelda should of been in there too. I need to verify myself, sweetie.

    Sweetie, we all wish for DLC for Brawl. XD
    Pikachu's Volt Tackle is tricky to control, but once you get the hang of it and carefully plan out your movement, it's a great Final Smash, sweetie.

    Just grab, tilt down, and immediately grab once they bounce. It really depends on the character you're up against sweetie. XD In irony, I chain grabed King Dedede as Pikachu. XD

    I wish Mega Man, Bomberman, and Pac-man were in the game. XD I wish they also kept Dixie Kong (Some left over data for her is still in the game), as well as the other characters that were removed.

    Oh, me and my brother have tag matches all the time. X3 We usually play against each other to keep our skills sharp, sweetie. XD
    I see sweetie. =/ I know what you're talking about for I've encountered somebody that plays like that, but there is a way to beat a Meta Knight player, and it's Pikachu. XD Well chaingrabing with Pikachu... XD
    It's quite alright sweetie, I play every stage with every character. XD Just because I'm semi-pro doesn't mean I will only choose Final Destination and Smashville. XD

    So who do you like to play as sweetie? =3
    Heya sweetie! =D
    Oh okie, sweetie. Just to warn you, I'm around semi-pro. XD

    I would love too sweetie, but I have no access to a wireless connection for my Wii, sweetie. =/
    Yea =] No problem,thats fine. Yea,that's how you tell apart from the purple button under your name =]
    Yea,well,you posted that message at 5:36 AM my time T_T I see you online but your away,so yea.

    Your names purple XD Or is that pink? XD
    Ok,i'll add you.
    Ok cool,when your on msn i'll show you stuff.

    Yea,well,i can teach you scripting and using A-map =]
    Wow =0 Well,i guess we both have the same dream XD
    Anyways,do you have MSN?
    Also,you donated? Cool =]

    Sweet! About the hacks,well i'm a rom hacker myself =]
    Depends what you want to learn realy, Scripting-Hard Mapping-So,so Spriting-Hard,ect,ect
    If you need help i can Map,Script,ect.

    Thanks for telling me about the Halo 2 the way you have to pay to play. I was thinking of getting it but it was 70$ AUD. I didn't know you had to pay =S

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