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  • This is a bit late, but Merry Christmas!

    Hope you're doing well. 's been a while since I've heard anything from you.
    Sorry if I'm pestering you with a lot of questions, but what is the layout of a dorm.
    Is it like a main lounge room with smaller rooms branching?
    And on the same topic, do students have roommates or do they each have a room to themselves?
    Thank you in advanced.
    I think I added a lot more information about the relationships, but I'm willing to continue fixing it up until it meets the RP's standards.
    I was also wondering if the island had a port and if so, where would it be located?
    ~_~ I can't find it on the map or the settings spoiler.
    The only specific question I have right now is the time of year, So thanks!

    As for common rumors I meant something along the lines of stuff that would be almost impossible for her not to know about that isn't in the first post. Her being from the Orre Region and how news seems to travel slow there it's alright to let her be surprised. There's a good chance she might not even know what Team Rocket is so that might be fun to play out.

    As fr skype, sure! However I'll need to create a new account, Forgot the password to my old one >_>
    No it's okay, thank you. I'm still interested.
    I'll try and fix up the relationship part you mentioned.
    Alright, I can understand.

    I'll try to get a Character SU up soon but with American Thanksgiving being tomorrow it might take a few days (Or just later today if I have a stroke of Inspiration, who knows)

    Aside from the tournament is there anything I should know IC or OOC? I plan on having her from the Orre Region so she would be a bit disconnected when it comes to news but things like current time of year, maybe common rumors?
    Thanks, Yellow. I'm coming back asap. No way I'm throwing three years of my life down the drain! PTA is immortal, so I'll be expecting a spot, yeah? Haha. But seriously. I'm sure we'll talk again! I'll see you, space cowgirl. Somehow. Someway.
    So, I'm leaving Pokecommunity. It breaks my heat to say so, and I feel that a little part of me is dying. But real life just gave me the finger, and I have to get ready college and stuff. I just don't have the time or energy to roleplay. I you guys aren't mad at me. I felt I had to say some personal goodbyes, so yeah...Thanks for everything.

    This might sound a little out there, but I want to thank you for PTA. I'm glad to have been a part of it for like three years. I haven't been around a lot, but I enjoyed it all the same! My first roleplay was always one my favorites. Thank you, Yellow!

    Until we meet again!
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