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  • So I finished it last night

    That final trial was...something

    I can imagine why people didn't like it, though it didn't bother me
    so I'm gonna do the final class trial tonight

    wondering where exactly this is gonna go, but I guess I'll find out soon enough
    Hi Disturbed
    I just posted a new thread in Game development,Resources,Graphics 'Gary Sprites For You'
    When I posted the new thread it said that a moderator has to accept it in order to make it visible to others and then I was redirected to resource page

    I tried it 3 times (one yesterday and twice today) but showed the same result. If you can accept it or help me with this problem please make it quick because many members asked for the Gary's sprites to me

    So please don't avoid my humble request and please give me a reply in my visitor messages if you solved my problem
    One important thing is that I tried to add the thread 3 times so if you accept it just accept any one!

    I have sent this message to moderator Marin also!!
    Thanks in Advance :)
    oh dear, there's going to be this level of insanity every chapter?

    ....well, it'll certainly keep things interesting at least lol
    So I just finished chapter 1 of Danganronpa v3




    That was all completely unexpected.

    or maybe I'm just an idiot
    imgbb seems to work, didn't even have to make an account and they display in the forum
    I noticed, sorry about not putting it in the proper forum! Since Imgur is having problems, what is a working alternative for screenshots?
    hey, so Bloodborne question for you

    I wanna finish the DLC and a chalice dungeon or two first, but I'm pretty sure that I'm at the point where it's about time to do the final boss. I have two "one third of umbilical cords", which the game seems to make out to be slightly important. I imagine that there's one more for me to get. Do I need to get that one more or....?
    so much it made me leave PC for good thanks
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