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  • so like my brothers came over for dinner, that's why I suddenly stopped responding lol
    Awhh that is really sweet!! It is so nice to hear someone go that extra step for their pet and find that passion through the things they love!
    And I shall thanks! :3 I am more for savoury pies strangely than sweet ones. Lately I've been into sweet veggies though, like sweet potatoes and beetroot.. weird huh? Haha :3 Good luck with your stuff as well!
    Wow animal nutrition! That sounds really interesting! Do you have any pets that sparked your interest in it?

    Also.. baking! Since before August I didn't even know how to make a pancake! And I thought.. that's gotta change! So I have found a newfound passion for baking, myself! I want to try breads over the christmas period!! :3
    Hahaha was it really?! That explains why Homecoming was on sale as opposed to the other games :P I'm not too far into the game yet, so I don't have a real opinion on the story, but I'm really excited to play the 2nd and 3rd (they come in a bundle....I actually chose Homecoming over this, please don't judge too hard, I'm new to the series).

    Hi btw!
    That's how I play too! I joined Bell Tree Forums a while back when I was crazy into Animal Crossing, and they're all a bunch of TTers there so it made me less self conscious about being a dirty cheater. Your town sounds adorable though. I had absolutely no plans of letting other people into my town when I first got the game, so I just named it whatever popped into my mind at the time, which happened to be Mordor. And my flag is Nick Cage's face. I've gotten so many positive comments on my flag I haven't bothered changing it to something more serious.

    Definitely the latter, she totally abuses our love for her because she knows she gets away with most things. She'll get along with new animals after being around them a few times. Usually. I dunno, some dogs she'll just take to right away, like they've been friends forever, others, she will always bark at no matter how many times she's seen 'em.

    Oh my. xD Sounds like a cat we had at the shelter, sticking his paws out from under the door and meowing loudly until we let him join us. Our final solution was to put him in a little harness and leash, which he did not object to, and let him sit behind the front desk with volunteers. Secretary of the year. But yeah, in all seriousness, I think clingy, affectionate cats are awesome.

    I'm so ashamed of the fact I haven't touched my blog in like two months haha. I've had some ideas for new posts, but, you know, that laziness we were talking about prevented them from being written. Thanks though, I'm glad there's enough content to keep someone busy for an hour. :P

    Oh yeah, that's not my ID at all, apparently I thought id = username. Your link works though, so I'll add ya. c:
    Ooh, Animal Crossing! I need to get back into that, haven't played in months - don't even wanna know how bad my town has gotten. Definitely a good way to unwind though, playing AC. Gotta add you sometime, when I do return to town.

    And yeah, I hope she learns to be nice! Hard to say though, in her old family, she had a Golden Retriever buddy easily three times her size and she bullied the crap out of him, too. :P But he was a mellow guy, so they had a fairly good relationship despite that.

    I've never heard of such a destructive cat before haha. I mean, I know cats are notorious for knocking all your stuff off counters, but usually dogs are the ones chewing and tearing things apart. Still, that actually sounds kinda cute you know, since it's not happening to me.

    >:o And I missed it! Just went to check the Playfire rewards thing, just ended for Murdered and Thief. :< I do have a Playfire account, but I never knew what it was for - I think I just had to create one when I signed up for GMG and didn't bother to look into it. But that is sweet. Gonna keep looking out for those rewards, thanks. ^^
    Thanks! Yep, one of the main reasons I'm a little reluctant to bring home a big dog - I'd be so sad if they leave me after like ten years or so. Our last family dog (same breed - yorkies are my mom's favorite kind of dog) was 17, so the small dogs definitely seem to live a bit longer, in general.

    That's hilarious. Sounds like it's time for a new pair of gloves though. Unless she is like dead set on ruining every pair of gardening gloves. Then yeah, that's.. just hilarious. {XD} But yes, she is spoiled rotten, and has always just been super mean to most dogs. No territorial marking though, just barks and bullies the hell out of any dog that enters our home. But aside from that, she's a good dog 89% of the time. c:

    And no worries! Life happens. :P
    I am having a lot of problems finding this guy!The one person who had it on GTS asked for a Reshiram lvl 91....
    Even people on here dont seem to have one!
    Well, I personally don't have many nightmares myself, if at all.

    But with that said, did you ever get so tired that you've actually tried holding it in? Or do you always go regardless?
    Hey i was wondering if you have a spare icy snow vivillon.I can give any of the stones and any pokemon in a specific ball that is exclusive to Y
    You should have invested in a small vacuum cleaner for the furballs:
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