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  • They made them way too rare like sandstorm!
    I am looking for those stones as well(havent used mine either)
    I am playing that minigame in the pokemon website where you can get those!Have gotten only 1 of each so far....
    (i accidentally posted this on my profile and now people will think that I am talking to myself XD)
    Thank you so much!I thought i would never find sun!Do you have another one of these since they are so rare?

    They throw kittens? D: I mean, they're pretty good with heights, but damn. Anyway, do you have a cat or seven?

    I have a friend like you too, really allergic to dogs (just furry things in general, like even hamsters got her all itchy). But she kind of lacks the common sense to actually stay away from dogs, and plays with anything fluffy in sight anyway. :P Malamutes are great though, I'm actually looking to adopt a second dog atm and considered one, but I hear they are quite the heavy shedders, don't know if I want to deal with that haha.
    Looks like it didn't need our help to derail it after all, but good call haha.

    You are the southern me, yes. Creeping your profile and oh my god you like cats and sewing and Psych too, be my friend. Like I identify with being a "dog person" more, but I volunteer at an animal shelter and it's impossible to not love kittens.

    But yeah, conclusions are just the bane of my existence. I know exactly what I'm supposed to do, yet I always feel so repetitive when I write 'em. :c
    You know, in certain… older civilized cultures… when men failed as entirely as you have… they would throw themselves… on their swords.
    She plotted like right in it and there isn't really a way for me to fix it because of the cafe behind her. Even if the cafe wasn't there, it would still be a weird fix, really. :( But it wouldn't bother me too much. I'm trying to just like...talk to her so much she gets sick of me and wants to move haha.

    I used to hate Muffy because she moved in close to me and I wanted to be ALONE, but she's one of my favorites now and I love that she lives close. Ankha almost left me tonight but I was like NO GURL U STAYIN and she ain't leavin' me now. Good thing I played tonight, because I would have been so upset if I turned on the game to find her in boxes or something.
    I'm glad my flowers didn't get ruined, but LORD I'm ready to get rid of Rocket. I knew something bad would happen after Marshal, one of THE most popular villagers in the fandom I might add, moved in on the PERFECT spot. Literally right above my path where he connected. I didn't even have to change or rearrange anything. ROCKET ON THE OTHER HAND...right in front of my cafe ON MY PATH. >:(
    What cards you need? I have spare's for 1, 2, 8, and 9 and I'm needing a 6.
    How can I ignore such talent? :P

    Yes haha, the same thing is happening to him. I need to switch things up after some hours of playing or the game will look boring to me xD

    None at all :D
    You should work on video games imo. Your skills shouldn't go to waste :D

    Don't trust me on that lol. Not my field either :P

    I'll try it then...when I'm done playing Advance Wars lmao

    Yeah, I'd just have to search up another school :P
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