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  • Hmmm...

    Probably ride a 100 ft tall horse, so I could still fit in society (like...sleep in my house and fit in the store). Haha.

    I actually had to think about it.
    Oh, haha! Nice! I used to work at a pet store and we had a couple of Chameleons. They're really neat.

    Do you have any pets at all?
    Haha, yea. I started on Yellow actually when it was re-released, because when I was little I didn't actually own that one (I stole my cousins and played it a bit, but never all the way through).

    So do you have any Chameleons?
    lol, I usually play my games really, really slow. I like to explore every corner of the world. :)
    Oh, nice! Haha. How many hours have you logged in Blue so far?

    I'm doing well. I'm organizing my Magic cards now and browsing the forum. Sad that the weekend has almost come to an end!
    Ask the moderator of the section! I think it is maccrash? But you should be fine c:
    There's actually nothing wrong with your internet when you accidentally double post at the gifwar thread. It's because there's a glitch within PC that causes new posts for threads w/ over 100 pages to double post when you use the quick reply option below the page. You have to avoid using the quick reply option and use the normal reply thread option to post normally.
    No problem! And don't worry, I totally get where you're coming from. The forum I came from didn't allow for deleting posts, which could be a big headache.

    Here it's not a problem...unless you double post, delete one, and a mod deletes the other. Rarely happens, though.
    So I saw that you reported. Normally I'd just delete the post myself, but this is a pretty good time for me to mention that users can delete their own posts.
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