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  • Oh I'm sorry! I've been tied up in other stuff! >.<;; I just hang out in the forum group section, & the Pokemon General section mostly.
    Hey! You claimed Chiyo-chan from Azumanga Daioh! I love that anime XD

    I'm not much of a Chiyo fan. I much perfer Osaka :D

    (I'm weird, I know. I just like being social ^_^ )
    I posted a little tidbit on there. I'm running a bit short on time bit I'll be sure to post some more later
    It was amazing! It was very detailed ^_^ Everything was really well done! *hands you a muffin*
    Hey, DarkPersian! Can I ask you a quick question? Would you like to beta my one-shot, "Hounds of Goldenrod" before betaing Chapter Fifteen of my fic? I want to have that one-shot be ready before July 30 since I'm going to enter it for this moth's FCC prompt. ^^;
    Hey, DarkPersian! Want to let you know I've sent Chapter 13 to you and also sorry if I didn't add any notes on it. Kind of want to get that chapter sent in safely at least as a few hours ago I tried sending in the chapter to you but my computer suddenly crashed because of my flashdrive. O.o

    Anyways, I guess it would be good if you can finish betaing the chapter by June 25, before your surgery. However, I'm thinking that after you finish betaing Chapter 13 then I'll let you take a short break to let you recover from surgery and also for you to have time to take care a few things and then maybe by mid-July I'll then send you Chapter Fourteen.
    :< Sorry about the lack of reviews. I've been super-busy with finals and graduation, so I haven't had the time. And Alter Ego is in the military. So that explains why we haven't reviewed. I will be able to review in a few weeks...if the forums decide to keep working.

    You can keep posting if you want. Perhaps the lack of reviews come from the fact that it wasn't updated? I know there are reviewers that are looking for a fic to review. And I think that your fic was one of those ones that didn't appear updated even though it was, since I don't remember seeing it with new posts.

    I dunno. I mean, I know that you wanted your fic posted over here to get off the green lagger, so if you stop posting, I don't know where that leaves you. I don't know if you still want to get off there, since it seems to be the only place where you get reviews, some pretty good ones. Really, it's up to you. You could keep posting here, hoping that one of the reviewers here will catch your fic (like I said, it didn't appear when you posted, so it might have been missed). Or you could just quietly disappear from here and keep posting on the lagger.

    I'm not really much help when it comes to helping other people make a decision. Sorry.
    Don't worry, I'll get to it. At the moment though I'm going to be busy with quizzes, midterms, and changing majors. ^^; I might try to squeeze in some time during the weekend, though.

    And oh, I read your review and that suddenly inspired me to add on something in Chapter Ten, where Bunny almost falls down. XD You don't mind if I write that, do you? (For some reason, I hadn't thought about doing that scene until your review...I guess it's just me not realizing my mistakes until someone else points them out to me. ^^; )
    Yeah, I think I'll be able to give you Chapter Ten by the 8th. Maybe I'll even send it to you as early as Monday night. ;)
    Can I thank you for posting a one shot that was a song edited into Pokemon version? I sort of got the idea for the one shot I just posted, involving shadow Pokes with Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace as the base song.
    Hehe, decided to put my first Visitor Message in yours. :)

    Seriously, now there's the "i herd u/i liek _____" craze going around. XD

    The new features are great, huh? =D
    Hey DP479! Feel like going on everyone's profile and saying something...


    Hi! I heard you liek qualitee innz :)
    Personally, I prefer quality ones over lacking-in-quality ones...
    Stealing your first Visitor Message.

    Hey there DP479 :3 I am like being boring and writing an OT fic XD;
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