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  • Oh! i know your pain. My finals are ongoing. Okay the thing i want to ask, I'm going to pm it.
    Hey brock! undertaker came to make you rest in peace.

    ha ha ! how're you? i want to ask you something?
    Will you be available this Saturday for our HG match? Maybe 5 PM your time? And fallback on Sunday if one of us can't make it.
    Merry Christmas!
    Haha, thanks a lot! :D

    And don't worry, that play on words is a lot better than most of the puns I come up with. :P
    Penn State hasn't quite been the power it used to be during most of Kirk's tenure.

    Iowa flops when the preseason expectations are high, but succeeds when the preseason expectations are low. It's kinda weird.

    Hey now, we may have lost to them twice (2007 and 2011), but one of those was Brew's first season and was a train-wreck 1-11 season with a lot of close losses while NDSU went 10-1, while the other was Jerry cleaning up after Brew where we went 3-9 with a win over Iowa, while NDSU went 14-1. And NDSU is 8-3 against FBS competition and has won the last 5 games they've played against FBS teams.

    Iowa also gave Iowa State one of its 2 wins last season, and Iowa State also lost to NDSU in their opener last year.
    Have fun with Penn State and Michigan next year, though! :P

    At least you get Rutgers to make up for it, haha. And Michigan at home.

    Then again, 2 of our 3 are Penn State and Rutgers, too, with Maryland being #3. This looks way easier than the past two years. @Penn State @Nebraska @Wisconsin won't be terribly friendly.

    Your program has some balls to schedule NDSU right after the Iowa State game. It'd totally be an Iowa thing to lose both of those with high expectations.
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